Workout Schedule by Tara

Hi everyone, this week, I am sharing my daily workout schedule for year 2013.  I started this routine back in January and I would often change my workout as needed.  There are three critical factors in changing your health life style:

  1. Diet, Diet, and proper Diet as I mentioned it on this HERE.
  2. Proper Nutrition including right supplementation to help body recover and burn fat. Next week, I will be sharing my supplement intake that helped me transform.
  3. Exercise routines that shaped my body. See below

MONDAY 6 A.M. – Cardio exercise that includes Treadmill Incline 8.5 mile run with 20 Seconds (6.5) walk 1 minute (3.8-4) 15 minutes.  Roughly at@ 200 calories

  1. Upper-body drop sets and Quick abdominal exercises
New Zone

The Treadmill

TUESDAY 6 A.M. – Same as Monday’s Cardio workout and abdominal routine exercise

WEDNESDAY 8 A.M. – Run 2 miles of any methods (My first workout of the day)

  1. I also include my Glute workout plan and Full Body Power Move exercises
New Tara1

New Tara

WEDNESDAY 6 P.M. – My evening workout (second workout of the day)

  1. I am including my Triceps work out plus my major Back exercise

THURSDAY 6 P.M. – My CARDIO workout that includes Treadmill incline 8.5 miles 20-30 seconds on 60 seconds off

  1. After my Cardio exercise, I would then do my Chest and Bicep workout to sculpt the body.

FRIDAY 6 A.M. – Another Cardio work running 1 mile with my traditional abdominal workout

SATURDAY My rest day to heal and do my social activities

SUNDAY – I like to run 2 miles with my Glute workout and Full Body Power Move exercises.

Tara's Motto

Tara’s Motto

I will be explaining some of my work out routines sometimes during next several weeks.  Newbies will have difficult time understanding what my workout plan is.  You can Google it and look it up, but I will be explaining in details what my workout entails. 

Tara has been working hard to achieve her certification and planning to compete various shows this year. Stay tuned for more info. -SjC

3 Responses to “Workout Schedule by Tara”

  1. Tyson April 21, 2013 at 2:26 pm Permalink

    Tara is the bomb! She is a different person from the first article on this website. Amazing!!!!!
    BTW, what competition and what certification are you trying to get this year Tara?

  2. Ernest Groff April 26, 2013 at 2:37 pm Permalink

    Looking great Tara and enjoy your story.

    I’d like you to check out my studio, Keys 2 Fitness, sometime. Sonny tells me your ultimate goal. Our systems in here are expanding rapidly and we could play a big part in making that happen for you.

  3. Nathan Clough May 29, 2013 at 12:39 am Permalink

    Tara, looking at your transformation really excites me and shows me where I’m headed with the transformation I’m currently working on now. Best of luck to you in all you’re goals. You’re helping inspire me to keep with mine.

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