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Hi there, I am Michael Warner, age 27, contributing editor of  I am a graduate of Fordham University (Bronx, NY) with BA, Communications/Media Studies, TV/Radio concentration, and Minor in Marketing.  Right now, my passion is help build this from the inception and building my track record as an editor/marketer so that this website would show case my abilities as an editor/marketing professional.


Michael Warner

Here are some of tidbits about me:

Hobbies: Acting, writing, hiking, reading, and camping

What makes me happy? Helping others, making people smile, and performing

My top 5 websites including this one: Facebook, Reddit, Wiki, Google, and NPR

Webster’s dictionary defines UNIQUE as “unusual, distinctively characteristic, and being without equal.”

I have exhibited the true definition of uniqueness in my writing style as you will observe it here and I will be contributing some of my own unique stories to showcase my style.  I have also experimented in all facets of marketing since it was part of my major in Fordham University.   My product is essentially my unique writing style that I hope I can make you laugh, cry, and at the same time, I can entertain you through this website articles each week.  Each article will be an original, never to be duplicated again.  My belief is that as a man, we should be unique and live life with a passion.  My passion is writing and even though I have extremely busy schedule right now, I am currently contributing as an editor and at the same time, able to write an article or two to let you peek through my psyche each week.  As you read above about what makes happy?  I am happiest when our community recognizes my true worth in my passion for writing and my own unique style writing.  As I progress and build my article base on here as well as being recognized as true talent in writing and marketing, the evidence will be the popularity of this website.  We will have loyal followers on this website and one day, I am able to put smile on faces of many of you who saw this website grow from infancy to maturity.


Editor – Michael Warner – Wrkinprog

Here are some of my ideas I will be interjecting to this website:

  1. Getting professionals involved in contributing their skills on here to help other people
  2. Working primarily in three main ideas of concern. The theme is Health, Wealth, and Relationships since too much information will create a condition called, “Over analysis, paralysis.”  Google has just too much damn information today
  3. Showcasing my unique talents as a writer, editor, and a moderator of this website
  4. Using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn to name a few of the social media sites, I will be heavily promoting this website to showcase my knowledge base on Marketing degree. Once, I provide evidence that I can make a difference, I can surely help any other website using my talents  shown on here

Why am I doing this you might ask? 

Life is short and we all have passion that burns inside.  I want to prove to myself and to my close family, friends that I can do this using my current skill set.  This is the immediate feedback that I would need to let my skills do the talking instead of bragging.

Finally, what do I get out of this?

This is a portal where I can reflect my life and I can put it in writing how I feel about certain topics such as Health, Wealth, and Relationships.  I am only 27 years old and I believe I have strong passion for living the life I want to live.  My writing something I enjoy doing each and every day, this website will give me a forum to write and at the same time I can entertain you with my life stories.


If you have any questions about me or any thoughts you would like share, contact me at:

Thank you Michael, we will look forward in reading your stories very soon. – SjC

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