Who am I?

David Dickinson – Fitness by design (Educating importance of fitness)

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About David:

David is 26 years old who is a Training Director for LA-Fitness in Pottstown, PA.  He has started his own business called kids fitness training program.

Fitness Goal:

David, after witnessing his pal Nick Long competing currently for Reebok Cross Fit challenge, has decided to also compete next year with him. His immediate challenge this year is to compete in Tough Mudder course  in June of 2013. His first ever competition where he will be incorporating many training techniques he has learned from others. He currently works out 5 days a week where 3 days, he does complete circuit strength training workout.  The remaining 2 days, he either swims or rides 11 miles of bike training to complete his workout routine.

Diet Plan:

David’s diet plan is very simple. He believes that by burning more calories than taking it in is the key to losing weight.  He doesn’t follow special diet plan as of now because he is not a body-builder.  He insists that by maintaining active life style with burning more calories than in-taking it, you can eat pretty much eat anything you want. David does take whey protein to supplement his current meal plan to increase more solid muscle on his 6ft frame.

The philosophy:

Dave’s philosophy in training is basically start early with proper fitness education.  He believes that Cross Fit is best way to stay in shape and not become obese.  As early as 4 years old, he believes kids should start being active and do some sort of fitness activities.  Hence, he started his own business to educate kids on fitness education.  He recommends that all parents must be proactive in educating kids on being active and healthy preventing obesity in later life.

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Contact Information:

Dave will educate us with some of his favorite work out as he prepares himself for Tough Mudder Challenge and if you have any questions, contact David at: David.Dickinson@wrkinprog.com

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