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Hi, I am Michael A. Hoffman, from Reading, PA.  This is my story.  All through my life I have struggled with weight issues and have tried many diets and did lose weight but always gained the weight back plus some. My weight was actually one of the reasons that I decided to leave school even though I was a student with decent grades due to other students harassing me on a daily basis. You see, in this country, obese people constantly get harassed/made fun of. We live in a society where if you are little bit out of shape, you have no shot in being accepted to so called, “in crowd”.

Therefore, due to my weight, I lead a pretty lonely life with no self-confidence and don’t really have any close friends as of late. I have found Ernie, his team at K2Fit and all of his clients that I have met while working out. Everyone there has been very supportive and helpful to me on my journey toward a better life style, I don’t think I could do it without them being there cheering me on.  I know Ernie has been patient with me; I have been an energy vampire to Ernie who has put up with me, motivating me, and being my friend/mentor.

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Prior to joining K2Fit, I was going through a slight depression phase because of being diagnosed with sleep apnea, blood clots, and a high resting heart rate. Then I was laid off from work due to changes in the economy.  After being laid off for several weeks I found myself with no purpose in life and  basically sitting around  the house doing nothing but eating and sleeping every day, I pretty much felt like I was giving up on life. When you lose the purpose in life, you have tendency to eat and eat more than normal amount.  On top of that, you sleep all day, creating more weigh issues as you are not burning off any calories.

My official starting weight at K2Fit was 319.5 lbs. with my Body fat of 41.1% before starting my journey of living fit and healthy.

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My new habits of going to the gym is something new for me, but over the past two and a half months has really kind of turned me into what some people call a gym rat. I was always a little skeptical of going to a gym and working with a trainer to get in better shape until I walked into Keys 2 Fitness and actually talked with Ernie the owner/trainer at the gym. He didn’t talk to me like an obese person that didn’t belong. He explained how he could help me and what I would need to do to change my life for the better as he has done with others like me.

Keys2fitness’ Ernest Groff has been preaching three most important words for me to memorize.

1. Accountability

2. Knowledge

3. Intensity

All of the above words apply to me. I need to be accountable, meaning I have to show up and do my best when I am scheduled and stay focused on my goal. Ernie and his team offer me knowledge of how to perform various routines and programs to help me excel and they always push for an intense work out to push you hard so you feel the burn.

I am now after working out for two months, my current weight is now 259 lbs. (6-23-13). My Body fat as of last testing, it was 38.5%.

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I am so happy right now and with support of my family and keys2fitness, I know I can do whatever I want if I have a goal set aside.  I know many readers out there who are sad, depressed and unable to cope; all you have to do is get out of your bed and start exercising. It is amazing how simple exercise could turn everything around. I have a new found energy, I am getting more confident, my health is improving, and I now can setup other goals I want to achieve.  Even if you are not obese, just exercise three or four times a week and see how your mental attitude change for the better. It all starts from exercising and added benefit is, you live healthier life. Never give up on your dreams or your goal; as long as you work hard you will have a reason to live, nothing be impossible. If I can do it, you can do it also. Take it from me, I am “the” Michael A. Hoffman, living the life and demonstrating that I will be 200 lbs. next year. Take notes, I will see you next year with my goals being achieved.

Michael has only been training for couple of months. This is a tremendous transformation. Check out the difference. This is achieving your goals in life. -SjC

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  1. Nathan Clough June 24, 2013 at 5:31 pm Permalink

    Mike, I can totally understand what you mean about the losing weight and then gaining it back after trying diet after diet after diet. I too have struggled with my weight my entire adult life and now at the age of 32 I am taking control of it. I topped out at 305lbs as my heaviest. When I began to start losing weight I was 300lbs, that was back in mid April. As of today through clean eating, regular workouts, and having a very supportive group behind me, I have lost 27lbs to clock in at 273lbs. I have a long way go to till I hit 200lbs but I’m sure I can do it and I’m sure you can hit your goals too. Just keep at it and you will succeed. Good job Matt!!!

  2. Elise July 9, 2013 at 3:47 pm Permalink

    We have many lazy people, but you really took it upon yourself and make a difference. I am inspired and stoked to go to the gym myself. Great Job!

    • Fernando A. Martinez November 6, 2013 at 7:33 pm Permalink

      You should be very proud of yourself for your achievement!

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