Who am I – Maida Orama

“Do not think that what is hard for you to master is humanly impossible; and if it is humanly possible, consider it to be within your reach.”                                                     –Marcus Aurelius


My life before I joined Keys2Fitness, I knew I was not disciplined enough to learn the routines I needed to get myself fit.  I wanted to become a teacher in my life and attended some college to get my education.  However, I had to leave school to take care of my son who was born with multiple medical problems.  He is healthy enough now to join the National Guard, but the ordeal was there.  I am a proud single parent.  Day-to-day duties for a solo parent are no different than they are for a married one: coping with sleeplessness, finding child care, paying bills. But… I was on my own. Even so, as a single mother, even when I overwhelmed, there’s was my family who found a way to work out problems for me.


Hi, my name is Maida Lisa Orama from Reading, PA.  I am a 911 dispatcher who won the dispatcher of the months with being 911 American Red Cross Hero.

Maida’s facts:

Who was your hero when you are growing up?  Wonder Women 🙂
When I binge, I binge on …  Ice cream!!!
I make a killer… (Food)  Spanish rice and slow cooked pork
Movie I’m embarrassed to tell my friend I love is … The Princess Bride
First concert I went to was … Harry Connick Jr.
One album that I never get tired of listening to is… Marc Anthony
My favorite TV show of all-time is … Happy Days
My favorite day of the week is … Friday
My favorite animal is … Horse
If I were any animated Disney character I would be… Goofy
I never feel more alive than when I am …?  Playing Music and Singing


SjC – What is your goal in life?  

Maida – I would like to become more educated about life from learning about children’s behavior to
learning about my own health and how to better it.

SjC – What is your philosophy in life?  

Maida – No matter what challenges we face in life, as long as we keep striving, we will overcome it.

SjC – List your most proud accomplishments.

Maida – I feel proud of my children.  They are turning out to be great people despite me being a single mother.  Also, my weight loss at Keys2fitness with help from Ernest Groff, despite my medical problems and things looking really bad for me, I was able to lose all that weight and still continue losing and getting fit.

SjC – What has impressed most with keys 2 fitness?  

Maida – I love their dedication to their clients and their effort to educate you about the body as they train you.

SjC – Which keys2 fitness has been your biggest attribute? (Accountability, Knowledge and Intensity)

Maida – I would say Accountability to make a difference in my life

SjC – How has your life changed since joining keys2 fitness?  

Maida – I am becoming more flexible and fit so I have less constriction that causes pain to my body.


New Maida

SjC – List your closest friends (guys and gals) and why they are so important in your life?  

Maida – I would say my sister Lily because she has always looked out for me. Also, I would like to thank Tony, Omaira, Jessica, Nancy, Stephanie and Nanette.  All of them have always loved me for who I am not for who I’m not.  They were always there by my side during my good times and bad times which kept me strong.

SjC – How do you feel now after committing yourself to fitness lifestyle?

Maida – I now have the motivator who keeps me going.  I definitely feel more confident about what I can and cannot do as far as exercising.  Also it is nice to be able to wear certain types of clothing and feel good in it.

SjC – What is your new goal in life and how confident are you after seeing the results?  

Maida – My new goal is to continue working out so I can stay fit.  My confidence growing, I am able to accomplish more then I think I can.

Check out Maida working out with Tara @ Keys2fitness Gym below

Maida has transformed herself. Visit her at Keys2fitness gym in Wyomissing, PA to check out her progress for the better – SjC

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    awesome and GJ, keep it up, your doing great !!! 🙂

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    Awesome story!! Keep at it Madia!!!

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