Violation – Why?

– Hot Chicks with Douchebags

The author Jay Louis have written a book called, “Hot chicks with Douchebags” where he examines why Greasy foreheads, Spiky frosted hair, Oiled-up faces dripping with Tag Body Shot spray, Armani Exchange T-shirts and rank cologne wafting off their backs like fetid pollen clouds as they pump their fists are with some hottie?

How did this happen? What can we do to confront the douchebag/hottie plague that rots our collective souls like boils sent by a wrathful and angry God? And how can you recover if you or your loved one is ‘bag?

This book is literally hilarious and at the same time examines why many woman make the wrong choices in selecting their mate.

Check out these dudes below:


Jersey Shore Effect?


What? Orangutan?


WTF, A Zombie?


Huh? Is this cool?

Possible Reasons:
  1. Most women are bored, especially in small towns.  Many so called, “nice guys” cannot provide excitement in their lives.  Therefore, choosing above type?
  2. If you read random woman’s profiles on, most of them want a funny guy who they can goof around with.  Well, if you look above, these guys sure look funny.
  3. Some women want a guy who is an athletic.  But a ROID head?
  4. Some want a nice cool hair cut. You guessed it, picture above.
  5. MTV, Jersey Shore wannabes getting hotties?


BTW, are you a douchebag? Check out the video below:


I will be right back. I need to vomit. – SjC

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    LOL, what a douchebags