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Hi Everyone, this week, I am sharing my supplement intake secrets.  In case, you haven’t read my story, check out my journey from deep abyss to confident super fit new Tara here. This article, I have included several products I have been using and it has been very effective in keeping my body in top shape.  However, make sure read any warning messages to each of the products listed here and consult your physician prior to taking any of the products I am about to share with you.  It may have different reactions and results on each individuals.

Here are my products:

Ashwaganda –  For lower stress levels and sugar cravings which lead to weight gain. It is a brown root (used for centuries) that helps lower cortisal level and raise GABA which is related to stress. Also, it is good for mental agility, cognitive ability, and memory. Moreover, it promotes overall vitality and help with thyroid hormones. Some cases it is used for cancer prevention as well.  Great product I must say.


Ashwagandha in a bottle

CLK by Cellucor  (CLA/ L- Carnitine)  – CLA helps your body utilize fat cells and turn them into energy.  7Keto in the CLK helps with hormonal balance.


CLK in a bottle

Cayenne Pepper – This has helped burn more calories and speed up my metabolism.  I have used this in my meals to make it taste better also.

cayenne pepper2

Cayenne – Sprinkle it

Post workout protein (within 15mins/30mins of finishing a workout) – This will prevent muscle breakdown.  It helps burn fat, and stop fat burning up the muscle. You want to keep lean muscle mass, especially the butt.  If you lose too much muscle, your butt will look flat, which is not a good look for any women.  There are so many to choose from in terms of protein powder and you will have to find out which one fits your taste buds.

Meal replacement protein – When you really don’t have time to cook, it is a very good source of amino acids, vitamins and protein.  Again, there are many to choose from here and pick out the best one that fit your taste buds.

L- Glutamine – Most abundant amino acid, good for muscle function.  Highly recommended for serious body-builders and fitness models.


L-Glutamine in a bottle

Fiber – I add clear mixing fiber to every protein shake I drink per day. The fiber helps level out my sugar levels. When someone holds weight in the stomach region it means your body has become insulin resistant. A diet with very low sugar and high fiber help regulate the way your body produces insulin.

Astaxanthin – Super antioxidant. Good for joint pain, endurance, eye sight, brain function, and overall health supplementation intake.


Astaxanthin in a bottle

Tara has tons of secrets to share.  This is just a tip of the iceberg.  Stay tuned for more info from Tara. -SjC

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  1. Nathan Clough May 22, 2013 at 8:30 am Permalink

    While I have never taken supplements aside from protein powders, or any vitamins for the matter, the Astanxanthin and the L-Glutamine do catch my attention and would be something I would look into. As things that help with endurance, brain function, overall health, and would help with my stomach area would be welcome in my diet. I am familiar with cayenne and the effects it can have on metabolism and use cayenne hot sauce in many of my meals when I prepare them. Cinnamon can also help with weight loss when used in conjunction with a caffeine source such as coffee. I often would have a cup of of coffee(black) with a dash or two of it to help keep your body’s fat burning and insulin levels steady. Great post, great info.

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