Story of John – Part I

When you’re struggling with something, look at all the people around you and realize that every single person you see is struggling with something, and to them, it’s just as hard as what you’re going through.”
―    Nicholas Sparks,    Dear John


I had always heard of John and knew every single aspect of his life but never met him.
After I had enough with the misery and was at an all-time low, John introduced himself to me while I was looking deep into a mirror.

Transformation and Success

suc·cess (Merriam – Webster)

noun \sək-ˈses\

: the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame

: the correct or desired result of an attempt

suc·cess (A new perspective)

noun \sək-ˈses\

: the fact of getting or achieving the feelings of gratitude, compassion/unconditional love, and happiness without the attachment of materialism

To live in this present moment; for life is the most precious gift. At all times are we gifted and blessed. Without acknowledging this beautiful gift, we make it impossible to become successful.” – John


I read somewhere “people enter your lives either because they will change your life your or you will change theirs” and “everything happens for a reason” I always found that interesting, especially when I met John.  We talked about things far beyond our own understanding. We pretended we had the answers, or at least the booze told us we did. Until one night I was getting ready go to the bar. I read a text from John asking me to meet him at a specific address. I was confused when the address led me to a cemetery. We both used to talk about the same meaning of life and death. Now this was getting serious, we were in a cemetery. We both never understood God or how evil was created, pain, misery. We were under the mentality that if God created evil then he is evil, why should we worship the one who created suffering? We had booze to numb the pain that God created, that’s all I thought I needed. John, just weeks after meeting him, finally had an answer to questions I’ve been asking. He told me that the only thing that is in the way of this answer is yourself, not your physical body self, but your ego. I was still confused why we were standing in a cemetery, I asked him to elaborate over a coffee. He refused. I was eager to get to the bottom of this but he just shushed me. He told me to just sit, breathe, and just listen. And so we sat. We sat on a stranger’s grave for a very long time in silence and stillness until he told me the story about why we are here.


Barley graduating from the class of 2007, John was a lazy, unmotivated, rebellious lad. The reason was unknown at the time. He had come from a loving family of a mother, father, and three sisters. Sarah and John were the middle kids, her being few years older than him. Bernadette is the oldest by a few years. Finally Brittany was born almost a decade younger than the rest of the family. Some would say she was a surprise. The easiest lesson John learned in life was acceptance. He had to accept that praying and hoping for a younger brother would not happen this time. At the time she was born in 1996, acceptance wasn’t difficult, she was adorable.

After graduation John set sail on a voyage to find his place in the world. He got a job as a car salesman by selling the General Manager of the dealership a pen. He wrote him a check for $1,000 and told him to sign it. He asked for John’s pen and I he said “sure, for $1,000.” He was hired on the spot. John only lasted three months until the stock market crashed in 2008 and gas prices skyrocketed. Nobody was buying cars. Nobody had money. He later learned the true value of credit cards, “free money.” He made purchases such as new musical instruments. In less than a year later, he had sold them all to pay of a small percentage of the debt. But he did not let go of his baby, the black Takamine acoustic guitar, which he only played when he was sad. He learned that music is what our feelings and emotions sounded like. He would only play alone, frequently.


John never understood why he was so sad all the time. He felt bored all of the time. Nobody and nothing interested him. The sad songs that John would play kept him moving. He switched jobs often. He had seven in under a year and a half after graduating. He never got fired from a job; John quit them all on good terms. He found a job that He didn’t like but loved the benefits. It was in a mail room, 7 o’clock A.M. to 4 o’clock P.M. He was not a morning person but at least they would pay for college if he stayed there for six months. He loved that there was a way for me to pay for college. John only wanted to go to college because society told him to. He wanted to follow society because that’s where he saw success as he leaned it in high school.

As a high school student looking at a motivational poster of success was the definition. Some guy with most likely a troubled past, toxic body, dressed up in an Armani. John really liked that Armani. He disliked the sadness in his eyes. To the common eye, he didn’t “look” sad. But in John’s eyes he saw the struggles that man faced for that Armani. Just for that Armani. He didn’t know what it took for him to get in that suit. He just knew, as it was said, “hard work,” something that John was unmotivated, too lazy, and too rebellious to do. If this is confusing, John was very confused on how to get his life started, even though it began 18 years ago at the time.

He was lost and too afraid to admit it that he would only want to play sad songs on the guitar. By the way, He lasted three months at that job. It wasn’t because John got bored or lost his focus on trying to get into college, but because something far greater threw him of the course of life he wasn’t even on. Knowing of John for as long as I can remember, I always related to John’s life. There was so much relevance in what I heard about him, I just had to meet him. For as long as I known of him I just didn’t get it. I never thought I would understand John and why I always related to him until I met John himself. He told me his story point blank. I am writing this book to share with you the story of John.


Real Name: Christopher “John” Cachuela
Hometown: Prospect Park, PA
Birthday: June 26, 1989
Current Occupation: General Manager – Chaplin Music
School Attended: Daniel Boone (07)
Nationality: American/Filipino

Stay tuned for Story of John Part 2. This is just a beginning. – SjC

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    I am so proud to know you, you are part of the change we have been waiting/looking for ….

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    Tess, do you know Chris well? What do you do?

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