Spot light on Ernest Groff – Keys 2 Fitness

Spot light on Ernest Groff of Keys to Fitness Personal Training Gym

Ernest Groff: I started my personal training gym on September 5, 2012. When I started this, I was a trainer besides my fiancée and I do all of my one-on-one training programs for my clients. Now, I have 5 trainers who works for me.  I went ALL-IN on this business venture since I love what I do. I love to educate people on importance of physical fitness and raising their self-esteem through fitness.  Some people need to lose weight, some people like to gain muscle mass; I thrive on educating and at the same time, making people change their life style for the better.


Keys 2 Fitness Gym

Right now, I am working on making my business grow and also significantly contributing to my community of Wyomissing, PA.

SjC: How much investment have you made to start this venture?  Starting any gym business can start from anywhere between $500.000.00 and up.

Ernest Groff: I am an avid stock investor and I have accumulated roughly $70,000 dollars from choosing the right stocks.  My former employer, LA-Fitness, I worked as a Training Manager where I have consistently ranked top 3 nationally in my training members signing up with me.  My training members loved my methods since I have one goal in mind, achieving their objective, whatever it may be.

Ernie Groff

In the office

SjC: Wait a minute; you only invested $70,000 dollars to start this business?  Where are your reserves?

Ernest Groff:  Sonny, have you heard of a book called, “The 33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene?” There is a plan I am using which is, “Creating a Sense of Urgency and Desperation, The Death-Ground Strategy.” When there are no other options, people fight harder. If the choice is life or death they have nothing to lose. I used up all my reserves, I even got a loan from my fiancée to start this venture, I have no way back.  This is it, I have made 100% commitment to make this work and my heart and soul is with my training business.  I love what I do, I love making people enjoy their life and I am determined to make an impact on my clients and if everything goes well, I am planning to open several more personal training studios in the near future. Let’s say three additional clubs by year 2020.

SjC: How much exactly did you invest?

Ernest Groff:  I got lucky, I found a gym that was going out of business, and I picked up all of their equipment dirt cheap.  With everything including renovation, purchasing, additional billing, I have dropped roughly $200.000.00 dollars.

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SjC: Do you have a philosophy in life?

Ernest Groff:  Philosophy? Well, “Hell is hot.” I am a realist, I make things happen.  I don’t sit around waiting for something or someone to give me stuff.  I am a doer.  That is my philosophy.

SjC: Now it seems you are making money and your clients are determined to change their body to look good, what is your goal in expanding this business?

Ernest Groff: I have told you, my five year goal is to have 3 more clubs.  I believe my training methods are untouchable and I have an evidence of this through my current clients.  I can give you many success stories where my clients shed weights over 100 lbs.  I believe in my methods and at the same time, I have my fiancée who is an RN with background in physical fitness to help me achieve my client’s objectives.

SjC: What is your credibility? Why should I or anyone use your services?

Ernest Groff:  Currently, I am certified in The American Aerobic Association International and International Sports Medicine Association or AAAI/ISMA Fitness certification. I have my B.S. from Clarion University.  I have competed in many numerous competitions.  If you are interested in competing for a marathon, tri-Athlon, MudX, Tough Mudder, or anything related to fitness, I can provide the service.  I also have my own unique personal training methods that once you decide to workout with me one day; you will be completely blown away how effective it is.

Ernie In Gym

Ready to workout

SjC: If the readers want to contact you and use your service, can you provide your website and your contact information?

Ernest Groff: Certainly!  My website is and this will be revamped with a shopping cart for supplements and the like. You can contact me through my website or also in Facebook with the same name.

Ernest Groff has made a decision, the death-ground.  What I learned from him is that he does what he wants and sticking to his goals. He also believes in his methods and no one can take that away from him. – SjC

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