Get to know the real piano man – Ozie Cargile

Despite a pleasing persona, Ozie Cargile may be difficult to know. He is cloaked in mystery, always holding something in reserve. Dreamy and introspective, he has magnetism and charm. He has a profound sense of destiny. Intelligent and gifted, he may feel he may be passed over by people who are less talented. Ozie often becomes involved in the lives of others. Able to withhold criticism and judgment, he attracts many friends because of this trait. He also wishes to retain his autonomy despite his personal and professional demands. His air of mystery is a reaction to his need for privacy. He continually shuffles priorities so goals are likely to change. This is due to his need to take life as it comes.


I stumbled upon his website ( and within couple of weeks; I was able to play Fur Elise by Beethoven. I immediately knew Ozie was someone special who has the ability to relay his message on how to play music. His fingers gracefully move about around the keyboard and anyone with any ounce of desire to master an instrument, I would learn from Ozie.

Check it out below:

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Who is Ozie Cargile?

Ozie Cargile: I am a composer. Music is my passion. I’m also motivated by a great sense of discovery, always looking for creative ways to express and enhance my experience of life, and hopefully the lives of others.

What was your traumatic moments in your life and how did you overcame them?

Ozie Cargile: Ironically, discovering that the world is nothing like what they teach in grade school and college. The learning curve has been something else, and I’ve had to significantly adjust my worldview and approach to life. For me, the key is embracing the truth, no matter what it is or where it comes from. Be grateful however it comes because it will make you free.

What are your proudest moment(s) in life thus far?

Ozie Cargile: One of the proudest moment of my life was having my choral orchestral work “Song for Humanity” premiered by the Boulder Symphony and 150-voice Chorale in Colorado. They did this as a prelude to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, which was a tremendous honor.

What are your accomplishments thus far in your piano career?

Ozie Cargile: I’m really more of a composer, who happens to play piano very well. That said, I’ve played in bands and for concerts, but I’d say my greatest accomplishment as a pianist has been teaching others to play piano and seeing them do great things with it.

What is your music genre and who was your idol growing up?

Ozie Cargile: My genre is classical—and really more so orchestral music. My childhood hero was film composer John Williams because for me he was the greatest living example of success in that genre. Though I’ve come to develop my own style, you can still hear quite a bit of his influence in my music.

You now have a website dedicated teaching anyone how to play the piano; can you explain what this website all about?

Ozie Cargile: The Quick lessons video tutorials at were originally developed as a take-home reference for my piano students, and particularly those interested in writing their own music. It’ll teach you all the fundamentals of piano and music theory. It’s the next best thing to private lessons.



Real Name: Ozie C. Cargile II
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Birthday: January 25, 1981
Current Occupation: Composer
School(s) Attended: University of Michigan, Bachelor of Music Composition

Fun Facts:

Skills… Music (of course), I’m pretty awesome with design and computers too.

When I binge… it’s usually chocolate.

I make a killer… bowl of rice.

The movie I should be embarrassed to tell my friends I love, but am not is… Billy Elliot.

The first concert I went to was… the Detroit Symphony, actually. I think it was Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf” during an elementary school field trip.

One album that I never get tired of listing to is… the Jurassic Park soundtrack.

My favorite TV show of all-time is-guilty pleasure is… I don’t really watch TV, but I do watch YouTube, so my guilty pleasure there is between Ray William Johnson and the Hodge Twins.

My biggest vice is… “Trying to save the world.” I keep forgetting that the world doesn’t want to be saved; it just wants to be left alone.

My favorite day of the week is… they’re literally all the same to me.

Last traffic ticket I got was… for going over the speed limit. 

My favorite book is… Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach.

If I were any animated Disney character I would be… I don’t know, maybe Mickey Mouse playing the wizard in Fantasia or (somebody suggested) Timon from the Lion King, which ironically kinda fits me.

I never feel more alive than when I am… engulfed in my music.

If you had the super power of being invisible, or flying, which power would you choose and why?… Definitely flying; who wants to be invisible? Plus all the best superheroes (and villains) can fly.

If the Hollywood is making a movie about your life, which actor would you want to play you in a movie and why?… If he thinks he can pull it off, definitely Anthony Mackie.

Most proud moment in your life?… Overcoming religion.

List your favorite (friend or family) and what strength do you admire about them?… My mom: endurance.


Keeping it real with Ozie Cargile:

SjC: What is your goal in life?

Ozie Cargile: My goal is to remain happy.

SjC: What is your philosophy in life?

Ozie Cargile: Learn as much as you can, and go with the flow.

SjC: What makes you happy?

Ozie Cargile: Life, love and music.

SjC: Who are your closest friends (guys and gals) and why they are so important in your life?

Ozie Cargile: The list, which for now shall remain anonymous, is important because life is really about the people that you meet along the way. They help you step out of your comfort zone or help you find your way back to it.

SjC: During your difficult times, who was there for you and how they help you overcoming them?

Ozie Cargile: Family: always having a place to stay and a home-cooked meal, laughs and love. These make a world of difference in tough times, and should never be taken for granted.

SjC: List the names of people you would like to thank and how you appreciate them so that the readers know how they are important to you to you socially, spiritually and mentally?

Ozie Cargile: Again, I’ll keep the list to myself for now, partially because it’s so long. But I would like to thank myself—not to seem arrogant, but to encourage people to give themselves more credit, because so much of your life boils down to you. If you’re not in your own corner, you need to get there.
SjC: What are some of the qualities do you look for in a woman?

Ozie Cargile: Beauty and brains—but I suppose that’s what I look for in everybody.

SjC: Finally, what one thing you would say to the readers out there where they can learn one thing from Ozie Cargile in achieving their goal in life, what would that be?

Ozie Cargile: If you want they have, you have to do what they did to get it. The question is, do you really, really know what that is? If so, and you can say yes to that unconditionally, then you will reach your goal. If no, then you need to come to terms with that before moving forward.

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