True Heroes – Thanksgiving 2013

For many years, an elderly Seattle man lived very frugally even wearing sweaters with holes in the elbows so no one would know just how wealthy he was. He was so careful with his money that he used food coupons and only ever used public transport.  He was an extremely simple man. He would dressed in button-up shirts and wool sweatshirts and khaki slacks and came into the dining room every night punctually at opening.  He’d order the same things like clockwork and promptly finish his meal, then leave. Mostly kept to himself but wasn’t rude by any measure. He was a frugal attorney who wanted to build a big net worth to give to charity.  He loved studying stocks, he was able to amass a $188,000,000+ fortune that was just revealed when the charitable trusts he had setup to distribute the funds upon his death began writing large checks to educational and humanitarian institutions. The hospital’s research center will receive the largest portion of a $188 million charitable trust left by Jack MacDonald, who died at the age of 98 after decades of secret philanthropy.“ – Seattle Times

“His hobby was the stock market, and he delighted in watching his trust increase in value to benefit local charities.”

When I read this type of inspirational stories, I get choked up and restored my faith in mankind. Jack MacDonald is our true hero who secretly sacrificed his own life pleasures to raise more money to help others. Using his knowledge, his goal was to raise more money via stock investments, living decades of his secret philanthropy.

Jack McDonald

True Hero – Jack MacDonald

Each year, everyone only cares about social media and how they are seen by others that don’t even matter to them.  People are being shot at schools and malls. We take college courses focused on only making money.  Some even enroll in grad school based solely on average salary per year, the rest of the society is getting crazier and lazier by the minute.

However, this YouTube video will makes you feel good to see that there are still many good people out there. Check it out below.

Life is hard.  Everyone must get along, be happy, truthful, and respectful. Everyone is out for themselves and there are great evil all around us. Some may not understand the word empathy really means. They are too busy focused on their emotions and their own agenda blaming others but themselves.  Mahatma Gandhi‘s quote, “Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.” should be our motto in doing what is right for our mankind. Do the right thing. -SjC

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