Nothing will stop me now – The way of Santora

I tend to be inquisitive and progressive type with an adventurous, pioneering spirit. I relish any opportunity to learn and discover something new, and to test their skills in demanding challenges.



There is very little that I don’t want to learn about or understand better. Their curiosity is limitless and nothing gives me more satisfaction than being able to figure out what makes a person tick or how something works. I am an owner, fabricator, and master technician at SAC Performance in Boyertown, PA. In addition I am extremely ambitious and driven who thrive on variety and change; being caught in a mundane, routine existence is an absolute personal nightmare. Although the potential for remarkable success in exploring the outermost parameters of human knowledge is great for me, the biggest threat to my potential is my lack of focus. In some ways my greatest strength—my inquisitive spirit—is also my greatest weakness, because my constant need to struggle, learn and challenge can stop me setting achievable goals for myself. This is why I admire Robert Bailey who has created an enterprise for himself. He is my friend and at the same time, I respect what he has done for himself with his wife Dana Linn Bailey, who is now new IFBB new women’s Olympia physique showdown champion 2013.
Check out below, my friend Rob Bailey and his 150 lb shoulder press with Dana. I will be there soon…

I got kicked out of many gyms because I sometimes became too honest and upfront. Some of the people think of me as an arrogant SOB, some even called me flat out jerk. These people obviously don’t know me well enough. People who know me well can tell you that I am very loyal, caring and treat people too nice. This is why, I often get taken advantage of by people and I must guard myself against that in the future. At my best, I am Inquisitive, pioneering, and refreshing. On my dark side, I am Scattered, restless, and unfocused.




Real Name: Anthony Georgio Santora
Hometown: Douglassville, PA
Birthday: 11/07/1990
Current Occupation: Owner, Fabricator, Master Technician at SAC Performance
Height & Weight: 5ft 7 inches with 218 lbs.
Nationality: American/Italian Stallion

I am Anthony Georgio Santora. This is my story.

It all started off when I was 12; I was a soccer enthusiast and a huge part of my team… I was very athletic person. I played baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Break Dancing, Volleyball etc.  Once I turned 12, we moved to my new house, at this time I started feeling weak and deprived… I started losing breathe faster and my endurance levels were rapidly dropping… Shortly after that my appetite started failing and I started going to the bathroom more frequently…

As time passed the doctors thought I was just sick, turns out they were wrong… I started having heart issues related to stress and anxiety.  After almost 2 years of struggle and tests every week, they figured out it wasn’t my heart that was the problem…. But they could not pin point it….  I was losing weight; I couldn’t eat, was turning pale, and was having joint pain… Every day at least 5 times I would collapse with insane chest pain, and was barely able to breathe….I went through test after test…. Nasal feeding through a tube at night, a bag on my colon, surgeries, you name it, it was terrible.


Anthony & Leesha

I was finally admitted into the hospital after vomiting up ALOT of blood in school… The month I spent there I did not get off the bed… they would feed me through a tube, and I would roll over to go to the bathroom in a bed pan…. I was about to give up, as this was 5 years now of testing and torture and watching my life go down the drain. The medicine they had given me caused me to have a massive allergic reaction that almost killed me. They said it was a freak thing, to try it again… I refused…. Just as I was about to give up the doctors came in and said they have been designing a medicine, and they want me to be a test patient.

I had nothing left to lose, so I did it…… I got my first infusion of this medicine, along with about 30 other pills and procedures. I started slowly feeling better, and not having attacks as often. The bone specialist told me that my growth was stunted and that I would never get over 5’3 and 110lbs due to my body structure and fatigue endured on it.  I also got Tendonitis, Arthritis, and Carpal-tunnel from having endured so much. Along with this I had gotten IBD, (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) and IBS, (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), as well as Lactose Intolerance…. I thought there was no hope…. I started finally eating again. After a year my diet was almost half decent. I wasn’t allowed any type of fruit, vegetables, Greens, Nuts, seeds or milk products.


The outcome was I had a Severe Condition of Crohns Disease, One of the worst they had ever seen… I was on the verge of dying. Once I finally started feeling good enough to walk around and do normal things, my mother’s best friend’s husband had come over to our house and my jaw dropped! He was massive! We than started talking and he convinced me to come to the gym with him.
The doctors said I would never be able to do activities, or any type of cardiovascular things, including lifting as with my conditions it would tear my body apart. When I started lifting with him I could bench 80lbs for a single rep, I couldn’t curls 20’s. This was 3 years ago. This brings me to my next point of why not to judge a book by its cover.
During high school I was always made fun of and bullied around, constantly picked on and made an example out of… I had no friends; nobody liked me I was an arrogant immature, depressed jerk basically…. I weighed a whopping 94lbs… I now weigh 218….. The reason I am who I am, is because of how and what I went through… every little detail made an impact on my life! Ya know, it is quite unreal…. The other night I was out with a few friends, and this guy comes up to me… He says “do you know who I am” I knew he looked familiar but wasn’t sure….. He asked if I was “Anthony Santora” I replied yes I am….. Here it was a teacher I had back in high school… He was absolutely shocked… He said he never would have thought I would be where I am today… I told him if it was not for them doing everything they did, I would never have a clue… I thanked him and bought him a drink… ( I don’t really drink )…. hearing what he had to say really made me feel good, and almost tear up, seeing what I came from, how I proved the world wrong… And I will continue to prove them and everyone wrong… I am a freak, I am an animal, and I am not afraid to show what I am made of…. This is just a sum of what I went through..

Last year I competed in a powerlifting competition called “Christmas Carnage’ in the RPS Federation. It was my first competition and I set 3 RPS world records that day! Later On they got beat, but I recently in April competed again, taking back my records and adding 3 state records. I recently switched to bodybuilding, but am going to be doing a PL comp in December again, if I hit the numbers I want I will be 5th nationally and 20th all time! That would be amazing… I am only 218lbs and have a 700+ Squat w/ just wraps, 375+ Bench raw and 650+ raw deadlift. My goals are to not only accomplish what everyone said I could not, but to BLOW THEM AWAY! I want to be the First Kid with Crohns disease to get my IFBB PRO card, and set powerlifting world records. And I WILL do it! I want to inspire and help anyone, especially people with conditions that slow them down on the road to their goals.I Love everything about this sport, whether bodybuilding, or powerlifting. The discipline, the challenges, the networking with others, but mostly the sense of accomplishment that I see such hard work and determination pay-off. It is such a personal achievement, in so many aspects. I have overcome tremendous obstacles; physically and mentally in ways I never believed possible. I now believe that if you want something, nothing is unattainable. I cannot wait to get out there all over the world, and talk to and inspire and help others, along with getting my pro card and setting records, and just most importantly, chasing my dreams.

I want to first off thank, everyone who as ever doubted me growing up. If it wasn’t for the people doubting me, making fun of me and bullying me, than I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I am today.

First of all, I want to thank my Friend Kevin D’Antonio, The day I saw him, I wanted to instantly look just like him, he was huge! I could have only dreamed to be that big. We started talking and he said that I could go to the gym with him. I was scared but ecstatic, so I said yes. That’s where it all started.

I would also like to thank my family. Even though they do not agree with what I am doing, they have finally come to their senses and now are fans of mine! It means the world to me… Nothing is stronger than family

I want to thank my training partner Andrew Houchins. He trains hard and also my training partner who pushes me to the limit. No matter what mood I’m in he always gets me pumped and ready to kill!! He pushes me to my hardest constantly and further, and it is making a huge impact on me.

Gene Rychlak, My Powerlifting coach, and friend. Him and my boys down at SSI, Kansas, Isaac, Smash, perky, Dalton, etc. are so motivating and true to character! They are wonderful people with such great logic! Form is key there and with gene being strict, some awesome talent has come from his gym. He is tough, but knows his stuff!
There is so many I could name it is honestly crazy.  Also, there are my Facebook supporters, Corey Mohr, Tara D’Antonio, Jeff Lenhart, Dustin Mitchell, Nate Soto, Nikki Lewis, Brittany Marie, Becky J, Ashley, and so many more! The help and support I am getting is just amazing and very heart warming.  So to all those I didn’t thank on here, you know who you are, thank you, thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart… Just remember my name, when I am the next big thing!

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Anthony Georgio Santora overcame tremendous obstacle to reach his current status. Story line has Rocky Balboa written all over it. Anthony is committed and only he can stop himself from achieving his goal. Visit his community page, and give him some love by clicking “like” button for him. Also, DECEMBER 7TH RPS CHRISTMAS CARNAGE POWERLIFTING MEET @Leithsville Fire Hall, 1995 Leithsville road, Hellertown, PA 18055. Watch Anthony compete @ 8:30 A.M. starting time. -SjC

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    Very emotional Anthony, I am pulling for you man. Keep me updated.

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    Very emotional story. Anthony, you almost died!!! Keep it up, reach your goal.

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    Hey Anthony, are you natural? If so, what supplements do you like?

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