Making money in fitness – Realistic?

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Many people believe that there isn’t any money to be made in fitness, especially in the east coast region. The naysayers believe that it is too difficult to make money in bodybuilding or fitness. I agree with the notion that it is difficult to make money, but this applies to any field. However, if you are good or passionate about your chosen field, you can make money. It all comes down to, what are comfortable amounts of money you need to maintain your lifestyle.  Here are some of the steps in making money in fitness industry or bodybuilding.

  1. Personal training
  2. Owning a gym or Personal Training Studio
  3. Becoming a Fitness Author/writer
  4. Creating your own fitness videos and selling them on online, media, etc… (P90X)
  5. Becoming an Owner of a Sports Supplements Company. Most bodybuilders chose this route
  6. Win few bodybuilding shows, not necessarily Mr.Olymipia, and give seminars on various nutritional diet plans to how to train properly, etc…



Personal training is by far easiest to get involved in although money is not what you may be looking for. For example, if you acquire a gig in LA Fitness gym as a personal trainer, you may make few bucks to pay for your gas in your car but that is it. If you want to make more money in LA Fitness, you have to put in extremely long hours to make some decent living.  You can also find a private gym or studio that will pay decent amounts of money to personal train clients, but it is not sustainable. Private gym or studio has that up and down cycle of clients signing up. When enrollment is down, they have to get rid of few trainers and when the enrollment is up, they obviously will have to hire more trainers.  Small studio or gym, they don’t need many trainers since the owners do the most of the training clients themselves to save money. Also, they rarely trust other trainers for various reasons. Therefore, small gym/studio will always remain small because of this fatal flaw.


The best ways to make money in fitness industry is to win few competitions starting with local shows first. It could be a bodybuilding shows, it could be winning some marathon, it could be placing top 3 in Tri-Athlon competition. Once you have your so-called competition resume built up, you now have that instant credibility and many people want some tricks of the trade information from you. For example, history was made on the Olympia stage during 2013 Olympia contest weekend as the Women’s Physique Showdown named its queen in Dana Linn Bailey from Mt. Penn, PA. Prior to winning this show, she has won many local shows and few pro shows to make a name for her. Check out her blog here. Using her local fame and her huge fan base, she would tour many gyms around North America and would provide seminars on how to train properly to selling their clothing line, Flag nor Fail apparel. Her husband Rob Bailey has created a product and using Dana’s celebrity status to market their products worldwide. Once you make enough money, you can then open up your own gym or studio and run your own seminar, training methods to what so ever. Check out Dana’s training camp dates from her new Gym in Leesport, PA.

Each camp date, Team Bailey will be clearing roughly $15,000 dollars for one day seminar with issuing limited tickets being sold (first 100 tickets issued/allowed in). If they issued more tickets for each camp dates, obviously more money would be realized.  Remember, this is a gym so I have not even discussed gym membership revenues to their other revenue streams.

Can you still make money in fitness industry without winning a competition?

Yes you can, but it is bit harder since you have to somehow acquire that instant credibility. You must then create that niche market and hustle like hell to make some bucks. Fitness industry is hard/tough business. There are gyms everywhere and big boys such as LA-Fitness dominate the market creating small gyms to close down.  There are Gold’s gym, World’s gym, Local gyms, and you need to create a name for yourself, hustle like hell, running a solid business, or you will be another gym that failed. Gym business is all about getting new clients/members every day. It puts tremendous pressure on sales team and often it is completely replaced each year.



So what is the point in all of this?

In order to make money in Fitness Industry/bodybuilding, use the system created by Team Bailey, Flag nor Fail Inc. as a guide.

First step: Create a name for yourself. You are the brand. Tyler Herz, Dustin Mitchell, Tara D’Antonio, Chrissy Kelly, Gina Estaban, Al Q Gurley, and Trish Hafer to name a few, these guys are already branding themselves using various resources.

Step two: Winning few local competition to build that fitness resume

Step three: More marketing of the progress including training methods, dieting, and other trade secrets.

Step four: If you won few competitions with that perceived right “look”, you will get sponsors to pay few bucks and allow you to promote their clothing line to supplements, etc. If not, you can still market yourself by association since you are competing.

Step five: Create a product. If you got some talent in making shirts or shorts, do so immediately. Rob Bailey has launched his clothing line using his graphic art talents and his stint/knowledge with QVC as a webmaster. You can also outsource in making the product line but the profit margin will be lower. The products could be anything. For example, head bands, wrist wraps, belt buckles, etc …

Step six: Once money is coming in, sustain the revenue stream by creating other businesses. Team Bailey has Auto Fabrication shop, Clothing line, and now a gym facility to supplement their income streams. Creating multiple streams of income is the key to wealth.

Step seven: Once money is rolling in, I would now invest more in 401K, Roth IRA, and even do some real-estate investments to let money grow while you are sleeping at night. (You can still invest and save right now with minimal amounts and make money without owning a gym or winning a competition). Read how to make your money grow while you are asleep, here. Owning a land is safer versus playing aggressive stock since land is an asset that goes up in value gradually over time. Stock market, if not careful, you can lose a lot. I know, I have lost few bucks.


Finally, life is now beautiful and your enterprise is now setup. Is this easy to setup? The answer is NO, nothing is easy in life. Rob Bailey was flat broke before he found that success formula. They kept trying and Team Bailey is known for their hard work ethics. The story of Rob Bailey’s logo Flag Nor Fail is an interesting one. His dad would make Rob chop wood all day as a reminder that you must work hard to attain what you want in life. Just Google it to find out more. They log many hours of traveling to gyms after gyms selling their products to seminars.  Now, they can do their own seminars in their own new gym in Leesport, PA. The key is you have to hustle and make your business grow. For readers out there, the question remains, can you do this also? The answer is absolutely and you can start now! You can be 18 or you can be 58. It doesn’t matter as long as you are passionate about it. The real question is, what is it all worth to you in the long run? What sacrifices are you willing to put up, man up to reach your ultimate goal and happiness?

In order to be successful in fitness or any other field, you must go after what you want with a conviction. Hustle, go after it, and prove naysayers wrong. -SjC

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  1. Kayla October 5, 2013 at 12:07 pm Permalink

    I love to work out and I have placed 3rd in my first fitness figure competition. I want to own my own gym just like Dana and Rob. This is the blue print to starting my own empire. This website is great, it really motivates me to work hard and go after my dream.

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