Love in the Time of Algorithms: What Technology Does to Mating and Dating – Part 2

As I was writing to wrap up part 2 of Love in the Time of Algorithms by Dan Slater who wrote an outstanding book about online dating and its implication click here, I was blown away by a video that was produced by some grad film student in Israel.

Before I show you that video, let me briefly finish part 2 of this book by Dan Slater.

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Online dating website CEO’s goals

  1. All of major CEOs including want users coming back for more dating.  It is good for the business.
  2. CEOs understand the basic human psychology, dating new people are way more fun since intimacy develops fast and furious using online dating.
  3. Since divorce rate is skyrocketing, online dating benefits by efficiently setting up dates after dates.
  4. CEOs of online dating site knows there are no magic algorithms to find the perfect match for users.  It is this possibility of finding that special someone will get users coming back again and again.
  5. CEOs make sure their website design is easy to get users back again.  The premise of grass is always greener on other side will make users keep coming back for more.


The author did a nice job explaining that modern dating scene scenario. The Facebook Effect is now kicking in to modern day daters.  You exchange few emails, befriend each other in Facebook and check each other out, some Google the name and find more information, and then you exchange few texts.  Finally you meet in real life but it is not really a first date, it feels like maybe essentially 5th or more, so sleeping together/intimacy is now okay.

The online relationship is vulnerable to, “boom and bust” phenomenon … Relationships can get quite intense, quite quickly.  Therefore, someone will get hurt by this fast developing intensity of relationship if the relationship becomes a bust.  I have seen people who are literally unable to trust people and blaming wrong person for their misery.

Online Dating

Online Dating World

As I wrote my first report on online dating here, I know several people who have met their spouse on the Internet and a several more that are in long term relations with internet dating sites to thank. That being said, as soon as ups and downs of relationship hits, people bail on their current relationship and re-activating their online dating website account to get back online dating again in secrecy.  Why?  Since they met their spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend online easily after a month or two exchanging emails, users now understand by going back online would mean meeting new people easily, just like before.  This is what online dating CEOs have envisioned. Bring people back again and again using their services.

This book examines, explores, and correlates to why divorce rate is higher than before due to our new dating paradigm. Dating new people, always having that honeymoon phase euphoric rush, is what new daters are looking for by using online dating websites.

New Dating world, paradigm

  1. We have tons of dating/seduction/pickup coaches all over online.  We call this a form of Wingman
  2. We also have online dating coaches as I mentioned on this website here.  Russ Ruggles has his own website for teaching people how to setup online profiles, taking first date to comedy clubs. Also, giving tips on many good ways to have a successful date.  Another form of Wingman
  3. We even have a Facebook coaches who teaches people how to efficiently setup Facebook profile to land a date.
  4. There are infusions of dating apps popping up for smart phones to help people have a successful dates.  We call this a personal Wingman
  5. Users are now able to post their dating experiences while dates are occurring.  User’s family, friends can now see what is going on with a date while it is happening.

Check out this futuristic video:

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If you are signing up with any online dating websites, please read this book first before making that jump. Ultimately, I know you will make the right choice, just be aware of what is really going on. – SjC


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