Living the Life – The Pinnacle hike

What a trip to Pinnacle summit hike!  I hope you are relaxing by now since some of you are sore from 10 miles of hiking past Saturday.

The Appalachian Trail Cave-Forte

Marcus Forte – In the cave

Let’s review what we did.  Our starting point at the Hamburg Reservoir is a mere 755 feet above sea level.  The Pinnacle, our destination as well as Berks county’s highest point reaches 1680 feet.  The distance between these two points is about 4.5 miles which means we’ll climb approximately 205ft per mile on average.

Some of the comments:

Hardev Malhotra 11:58 PM

This is what good memories are made of.  A memorable hike, everyone was friendly, picture perfect day – where are the pictures Sonny?

Johnny 9:54 PM

It was great meeting everyone and sharing the experience of the AT Pinnacle. Looking forward to the next adventure.

The Appalachian Trail Gang

Living the life – The gang

Cheryl 8:07 PM

Had a great time and really enjoyed meeting everyone! I am sore today…

Nate Baker 5:59 PM

I was definitely sore when I got home! And extremely worn out. But I feel great today and am somehow not sore anymore. I’m looking forward to future events! 🙂

I’m sending this to everyone from Saturday.
Here’s the link to my band if you want to take a look. Our May 24th show is on there:

Also if you want you can add me on facebook:

Hope to see you all again in the future 🙂

The Appalachian Trail Sign

The Appalachian Trail Sign

Hey Sonny great event Saturday! I was really worn out by the end! Hopefully you’re able to send me the pictures via email. It’s cool to have documentation of experiences.

Renee 5:54 PM

Great way to start the weekend, will definitely be sore tomorrow!

Annette 4:12 PM

Great time, I did it!!! Thank you so much.. Looking forward to next time.

Overall, it was an outstanding day for hiking.  The weather was perfect, not too cold, not too hot.  The next possible events are going to be possible trip to Jim Thorpe, white water rafting in June. As for May, cook out with Nate Baker’s band playing for the group.  Check your emails for further updates.

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Above, check out the picture show!

Below, check out the live video scene from the hike.

The trip was a blast. I welcome more people to join us on our next adventure. Stay tuned for more info. -SjC

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  1. Mark Forte May 31, 2013 at 12:02 pm Permalink

    Awesome pictures and videos. I’m very proud of everyone in the group!

  2. Vega May 31, 2013 at 6:50 pm Permalink

    Looks Like A Pretty Memorable And Awesome Hike 🙂

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