Marketing 101 – Miley Cyrus

Music business is one tough business. Not only you have to sell your music, but you have to also be part of the lime light to sell more records. If not, you are going to be phased out from the public. This is why many musicians become actors to sustain their income as well as sustaining their elusive publicity.


In recent history, who’s been more of a marketing machine than Lady Gaga? I doubt you can pick a name out of a hat because she’s been dominating it with everything she’s done – from her music, music videos, award show appearances, etc.

I believe, Miley Cyrus is using similar marketing tactics of Lady Gaga (some call it, poor man’s Lady Gaga) but right now she is receiving some negative publicity as well. The great P.T. Barnum once said any publicity is good, including the positive publicity and negative publicity since both will make people focused on the artist/product.

I don’t know who is representing Miley Cyrus, but here are some of the tactics used to gain the attention (publicity).


Being memorable

You may have witnessed Miley’s so called antics during VMA 2013. You might remember her crazy sexual antics with Robin Thick, which allowed many people to talk about her (negatively). The point is they remember her. In your business, if you’re doing something that’s easy to forget and in 10 minutes the person you spoke to forgot your name, you’re not doing it right.

Deliver a great product or music?

Underneath the crazy outfits and over the top publicity stunts, Did Miley produced some good music and her fans love her for it?  She’s sold millions of records before and she’s not doing it off the hype alone. She sells records because she’s a good, talented singer. You can use all of the Lady Gaga’s Marketing you want, but at the end of the day, if your product sucks, people will never buy it. The foundation of a good company is a good product, so make sure you’re constantly shipping that good products.


Loyal fan base – following Miley

Miley has had a HUGE fan base following and if she does anything, they fall at her feet and praise/scold her for it and promote the hell out of it through word of mouth, blogging, Facebook, tweeting, etc. If you can build this type of loyal, core audience for your business, you’ll constantly have someone talking about you and helping you promote your business.

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Reinventing herself

Everyone knows that Miley Cyrus was Hannah Montana on Disney television show before as her regular wholesome self, way before she became “Wild Miley” – she looked like a normal person, acted normal and everyone felt she is some wholesome girl. But, when she wanted to become a singer with an edge, she went way into left field and adapted a style that she knew would work for her (sex sells). When you’re building your business, it’s always a good thing to keep your eyes open and adjust & adapt marketing strategies and overall business plans as you go. Does this re-invention working for Miley? Only time will tell, but just like late P.T. Barnum has said, any publicity is a good for the business.

Now check out the parody video for Miley below. It is hilarious but remember, if someone is talking about you such as creating a parody video about you or even negatively talking about you, you are doing something right.

Understand this, to be in the lime light of the public, any publicity is good for the business. You become the center of attention. Now, top it off with a good product, then you will become a legend.  Is Miley trying to be a legend? She has to make some good albums along with her antics. If you have a business or selling something, learn her system before judging her. – SjC

3 Responses to “Marketing 101 – Miley Cyrus”

  1. Anthony September 20, 2013 at 5:16 pm Permalink

    How far is too far? She acts like a total whore and is this a good example for young teens? Suppose, selling your soul to the devil is okay as long as you make money? Lady Gaga is also a trash. I believe, there are some better ways to market yourself or brand. Cyrus’ team should hire better team to market her, not like this.

  2. Alyssa September 22, 2013 at 2:07 pm Permalink

    Cyrus is trying to break out of her Hannah Montana years. I don’t agree with her whoring herself for publicity but these days if you have something to sell, this is the norm in Hollywood. Sad but it works. Just look at Kendra, Kardashians, etc …

  3. Fernando A. Martinez October 24, 2013 at 5:12 pm Permalink

    That’s so true!!!! Sex does sell and she’s destroying her image, especially to teenagers and those who look up to her.

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