Keys2Fitness Signature 30/30 Series workout with Ernest Groff – Episode 2

Expert Fitness Trainer/owner of Keys 2 Fitness, Ernest Groff believes in confusing the muscle with burning up massive calories through his signature series workout called, “The 30/30”. First episode, Ernie has demonstrated the proper ways to do power movement squats with kettle bell movement, click here.

Earnest Groff

Warming up

This week, Ernest will be presenting strength and conditioning exercises.  First, he will be demonstrating proper ways to do incline chest workout using hammer strength equipment.  Then, Ernest will be demonstrating proper ways to doing rear shoulder movement.

Ernest is by far the best trainer/owner in Reading/Wyomissing area in terms of health and fitness. His methods have been rock solid and he has had many gurus that he emulated to reach his current expert status.  Not only that, his support staff, and fiancée has been a valuable asset thus far.


Ernest – Massive Back

What separates Ernest from other trainers around the area is very simple.  He doesn’t have any weaknesses.  He has no one set exercise routines.  If his clients want to gain weight and put some mass to the body, he has the perfect program for that.  If his clients want to lose few pounds and toned up for the summer, he has specialized exercise program to reach that goal.  If his clients want to train for Tough-Mudder contest, he can put together training program for that purpose.  If you want to box and train for a boxing match, he can certainly provide this service for his clients.  He is truly the multi-dimensional trainer/owner.

Sample Workout

The Training Log – Circa 2012

Below, checkout episode 2 of Ernest’s the 30/30 signature series workout. If you have any questions, contact Ernest at: 

Visit his gym and speak to Ernest about any specialized training programs.  You will be glad to talk to him – SjC.

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    This guy looks in a great shape. Can he do mixed martial arts? Please comment!

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