What is it?

Hi! I am Sonny (SjC), and I’m excited to welcome you to Work In Progress (wrkinprog.com).

You may have simply stumbled upon this site, but give me a few moments and I’ll introduce you to a fast-growing communal exchange of knowledge for garnering and maintaining necessary life skills.

Focused primarily on sharing information on how to keep up with busy lifestyles and improve ourselves as a whole, we are dedicated to individuals who admit they are a work in progress. If this sounds like you, then you are ready to be a part of our community!


The world is a billions-strong mosaic of introverts, extroverts, artists, number-crunchers, educators, students and much more. Work In Progress invites all of you to contribute your best skills, advice, stories and tips. Our experiences on this planet are all so varied; your two cents may prove far more valuable to someone you never expected to reach. That’s the beauty of our journey.

So, share what you know! It could be anything from little-known fitness and wellness tips, to financial management solutions, to opinions on pursuing happiness and fulfillment day to day. Utilizing your own experience and useful knowledge by creating an educational conversation can be tremendously valuable to others. At Work In Progress, we put a price on these valuable skills and advice. 

While search engines like Google may be society’s primary information hubs, they can also require a good deal of time and effort when it comes to focusing on specific questions. That’s where we come in. Consider Work In Progress a time-saving teach-and-learn tool that strips away the filler and focuses on three major life areas: Health, Wealth, and Relationships.

Our mission is to balance these three critical areas in an appropriate, user-friendly fashion. As we continue to grow, you will discover new sub-categories constantly being created. We all have wisdom to impart and knowledge to gain. Work In Progress invites you to be both teacher and student.

 Join us as we find the path to happiness together!

If you have any questions or want to submit your stories/advices contact me: Sonny@wrkinprog.com

If you know anyone that includes your friends/family, who overcame tremendous obstacles to achieve their goals, tell me about it. I will post their stories on here to acknowledge their achievements. Why? we have too many celebrities who we know don’t deserve that lime light and now we have a forum to acknowledge the real people who deserves it.  We are all about growth, and progressing to next level, whatever it may be, I want that person to be acknowledged RIGHT HERE.  It will be a great gesture on YOUR part as a friend/family/loved-ones to appreciate that person.  Please submit or email me that special someone to be acknowledged HERE so that we can all understand and share their success stories.