Ideal Mate

Ideal Mate

What are some criteria in finding the ideal mate?

Everyone has many different view points about traits that are attractive to men and women.  Here are some of the list of traits that are most commonly mentioned by so called experts and scientists.

1. She must possess intelligence of sort – It could be a common sense, she learns quick and able to adapt to any new circumstances, she can not only help out but able to figure things out to support the family she is raising.
2. Physical beauty – Yes we men are shallow. We look for three areas not in particular order. Face, body, and yes body again.
3. She must able to communicate – Ah she must able to relate to you. If you and your mate cannot communicate, long term will not be possible although short term could work out, where all depends on her physical beauty.
4. Independence – This is a two edged sword. If a woman is too independent, then problem do arise. Bond cannot be formed if she is too independent doing her stuff. She needs to be independent with time set aside for her loved ones. If a woman is too clingy, she can only able to attract nice guys who thrive on clingy woman that they like to “fix”.

What women look for in a man?

1. Status/Dominance – This is where woman perceive their man to be superior in some form where she can acquire/learn something by association. By her association with higher status male, she believes her worthiness would rise, and even if she is being used, she often feels honored to have this experience with perceived higher status man. Some woman view money as a measuring stick for determining higher status man because she may be lacking in this area. I often see woman who gets involved physically with perceived high status male and even if he is some major dirt bag, she justifies the action by refusing to see the truth.  Eventually, she learns the hard way and gets hurt in the end creating esteem issues to some major depression since her worthiness is now lower than before.  I have also seen much older man who has accumulated wealth via business or a great career choice landing much younger beautiful woman who likes to be taken care of. This high status/Dominance comes in handy if you know how to convey this role as a man to a woman.
2. Social skills – If you have this skill down, you are going to be very successful in life period. Socially aware men are dime a dozen. We men these days are locked inside the house playing Xbox 360/PC games hours after hours not honing on social awareness. Socially aware men generally possess humor, confidence, and ability to relate to people.  Bill Clinton, President Obama, and some of the greatest Sales Men have this skill set down due to their job practicing it every day.  This skill set can be honed if you decided to handle this aspect of life.
3. Passion – Men must have something he is passionate about such as wanting to mastering a musical instrument to having a dream to climb Mr. Everest.  For some odd reason, these days, we men lost something, often being too timid and shy.  These passive aggressive men then resort to online dating to find their less than ideal mate settling, divorcing, and perpetual cycle repeats until age creeps up.  All the passion, resources, and energy is used up so contributing something great in life is not possible here.  We men must find our passion that burns deep in our stomach and if you don’t know what that is, we must find it!
4. Looks – Women prefer certain looks in a guy. Some look for that Strong/Confident men. Some look for rugged/broad shoulder type. Some are into cute face/entertainer type. Luckily for us guys we don’t have to be super handsome to fit into certain categories. However we men must have some sort of complete package.  Some of these package include, good career choice, personality, health, and loving family dynamics.

Most Women are complex creatures, we men can never understand them and we can improve on ourselves to finding that burning desire to accomplish something great life. Then share this life with a woman who wants to  join you for a ride of her lifetime. – SjC

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  1. Erica Jones January 27, 2013 at 7:00 pm Permalink

    Men are complex as well. We can’t understand why some men or so obnoxious and so oblivious to what we want? Men out there, please do yourself some good. READ!!!!!!!!! learn something!

  2. Christine March 30, 2013 at 1:03 am Permalink

    I had alot of relationships in my life. Most guys don’t know what they want. All they see is the outer shell and fail to look deeper into the woman’s heart to see what she is really like.

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