How To Become Odesk Contractor

What does oDesk do?

oDesk connects talented contractors with businesses around the globe, giving skilled workers access to jobs that are personally, professionally, and financially rewarding.

Steps to become oDesk Contractor.

Step1: Sign up as contractor.


Step2: After Sign Up complete your profile as follows.

1. Professional Photo.

Your foremost step will be to ‘Upload’ the professional photo of you. You can upload casual one though but it doesn’t seem to interest your clients or reflect the professionalism on your part; therefore the professional one is far better. You need to demonstrate yourself as a professional at each step. You can do so by clicking at the right corner of the little square where the picture is to be uploaded and all done! Bingo!! You’ve done it; now move to the next step.

2. Odesk Profile Title

This is about entering your title. It’s very important that you should incorporate a right title that coincides with your expertise and skills. Avoid exaggeration and ‘Be What You Are’. If you’re a writer then try to deliver the spot-on title and craft a label that champions your skills.
You may include the following titles: ‘Unique Content Writer’, ‘High-quality Copywriter’, Journalist, Expert Content Provider, and so on…
As for the computer specialists or Bloggers, you may include ‘SEO Specialist’, ‘Technical Writer’ “Expert Blogger” and so on…
If you’re a web designer, programmer or a developer then perhaps the title would be “Mac OS Designer”, “Software Development Expert”, “Professional Development Manager”, and so on…
Similarly for other fields such as Accountants, Medical Doctors, or Programmers you can write whatever that defines your field of expertise. Bear in mind, that you should write a ‘Catchy’ title that draw the client’s attention.

Keep in mind that your profile is a page that represents you and sells your skills. The title is the foremost thing that is shown when a client browse the profiles to hire someone, so make it catchy and to the point that compels the client to read on your complete profile. If you still have no idea what to write in the title of your profile, you can browse the profiles of other well established contractors having skills similar to that of yours to get an idea for your profile title by reading theirs. I think you will be able to craft a title for your profile after reading the profile titles of 4 to 5 persons.
3. Skills

Describe your skills. Be specific with the names. For example, list your experience with MS Word and MS Excel separately, instead of just lumping them together under something like ‘Office programs’. Generally, you should only list those skills that are relevant to the types of jobs you want to get. For example, there’s probably no need for a graphic designer to show off their outstanding typing speed.

4. Education

Describe all your degrees. If you studied a subject, but did not graduate, feel free to include that as well. More education is always a good thing.

5. Certifications

Show off your Brainbench certifications, scores from other testing companies and industry certifications. Don’t add your oDesk skill test results — they get their own section in your profile already.

Be Excellent at something.  Only then, you can use your skill sets to make money globally. – SjC

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    I am finishing up Nursing school. I am going to explore something in medical field so that I can also use my skills to make money along with my full time job.

    I love this website, keep it coming!

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