Fitness Diet for Life by Tara Jean D’Antonio

Hi Everyone, I am Tara and you already read my BIO then you know my story, if not click here.  This week, I am going to share some of my secrets in transforming myself and the trick is how we eat every single meal.


Tara and her friends before the transformation

Check out my eating habits when I was out of shape and didn’t know anything about proper nutrition.

Eating Habits: Before – Woke up around 2 P.M. daily

Breakfast:      NA – No breakfast
Lunch:      NA – No lunch either

Tara at her highest body-weight

Past behavior on Nutrition:

As soon as I got up, I ordered from McDonalds value meal since I was starving, then my Dinner would be at late night. It consisted of Chicken Critter (Texas Road House) drenched in honey muster, with cheese fries and bacon.  Afterwards, I would go out, drink beer, and shots to relax myself.  Most bars in PA closes at around 2 A.M., so I would go to local store such as Wawa, and then I would order a sandwich with extra cheese with bacon and ranch. Finally, I would then finish off my meal with a desert, Slim Jim and chocolate chip cookies.


Eating Habits: After – I Cleaned up my diet completely – Transformation

Breakfast –   7 A.M. Protein meal replacement (whole gains) with one   scoop of clear mixing fiber
Snack 1 – 10 A.M. 1 Strawberry Cheesecake Quest Protein Bar
Lunch – 12:30   P.M. Broccoli rab wrap, Low carb, low sodium wrap, 4 oz.   of lean turkey cutlet, 1 slice of low sodium provolone, Broccoli or baby   broccoli sautéed  in garlic and an   Handful of almonds
Snack 2 – 3 P.M. 1 pack of baby carrots and 1 on the go low sodium   peanut butter
Dinner – 5:30   P.M. 6 oz. Baked Cod with fresh squeezed lemon, chopped   garlic, black pepper  and   sautéed green and yellow squash
Snack 3 – 6 to 8 P.M. Protein-shake     (As needed to curb late night appetite)

New behavior on Nutrition:

The new diet plan is extremely low in sugar, low sodium, high fiber, and very high protein plan as you may notice.  Also, I am now eating small portions every 3 hours or so to maintain my sugar level so that I don’t binge eating like I used to do.


New Tara pounding some weights

I also have tons of food recipes I’ve created like my healthy broccoli rab wrap which is a play on the Famous Tony Luke broccoli rab sandwich.

Tara will be sharing more secrets, so stay tuned … – SjC

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  1. Phyllis Dantonio April 9, 2013 at 9:12 pm Permalink

    Tara is my daughter and even though she’s the child and I’m the parent, she has taught me so much and is such a great inspiration to me. I am truly amazed at her fortitude, stamina and desire to change every aspect of her life the way she has. I am so happy for her and it is such a relief, as a parent, that she has found true balance and happiness!! I love you.

  2. John Santillo-Herbert April 13, 2013 at 8:47 am Permalink

    Killin’ it Tara. Inspiring.

  3. Aiello April 13, 2013 at 1:33 pm Permalink

    What a great story, I wish many people would follow her footsteps. I can’t wait to read next article. Keep it up Tara!

  4. Nathan Clough May 15, 2013 at 11:10 am Permalink

    With me just starting out on a new diet and seeing what you have down here gives me a few ideas of things to slowly change in the coming weeks. One of the biggest may be increasing my workout load. Thanks for the inspiration Tara.

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