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Expert Fitness Trainer/owner of Keys 2 Fitness, Ernest Groff believes in confusing the muscle with burning up massive calories through his signature series workout called, “The 30/30”. He has graduated from Clarion University and has been a fitness trainer for over 10 years.  Ernest will be demonstrating this week, his signature series workout for the readers so that it provide an immediate results and at the same time, have fun while doing so.  If you are not familiar with Ernest Groff, read his spotlight here.

Ernest Groff - Fiancee

Ernest with his Maria Carjan

Ernest has been the top three trainer/manager for LA-Fitness Gym prior to opening his own fitness gym studio in Wyomissing,PA.  His professionalism, knowledge, and his experience in fitness are second to none.  His team includes 5 trainers who work for him and most importantly, his fiancée Maria Carjan, who understands fitness for life, is an RN. She not only loves fitness, her philosophy is leading by example.  Just check out her physique on keys 2 fitness dot com.


Training Schedule – Keys2fitness

His diet is clean eating which means, whole foods, without junk food what so ever.  Although, Ernest can eat anything he wants since his schedule is packed with eager members who are motivated to change their physique, he maintains a clean diet along with his fiancée.


Working out

This video below is sample of Ernest’s the 30/30 signature series workout, if you have any questions, contact Ernest at:

Despite Ernest and Maria’s Hectic schedule, they find ways to work out themselves to keep up their top physique.  The energy is just tremendous and this is the reason why current members are feeding off their energy being motivated themselves.  Truly awesome, just check it out for yourselves – SjC.

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