Examples of Toned & Muscular Body for Girls



Physical fitness has been defined as a set of attributes or characteristics that people have or achieve that relates to the ability to perform physical activity. The above definition from Physical Activity and Health: A Report of the Surgeon General is the most common currently used definition of physical fitness. It was originally used by Caspersen and has been used extensively. An alternative definition by Howley and Frank that provides additional descriptive information is: Physical fitness is a state of well-being with low risk of premature health problems and energy to participate in a variety of physical activities. While either is a good definition, most experts agree that physical fitness is both multidimensional and hierarchical.

Great physical shape here. It takes fitness lifestyle.  Ideal body for women  -SjC

4 Responses to “Examples of Toned & Muscular Body for Girls”

  1. Chris Todd December 27, 2012 at 4:12 pm Permalink

    I wish more women are interested in Fitness. I am not talking about just running or doing Cardio work, more into sculpting the body and transforming their self esteem. I have seen so many women complaining about not able to find love and resort to online dating website spending hours and hours a day instead of working out improving themselves. You be amazed when your body started to change and you look good, your confidence grows with it.

    • Melissa December 27, 2012 at 4:34 pm Permalink

      What is wrong with online dating site? I use match.com and I have to weed out losers and find right prospects. I do go through tons of emails back and forth but this is the only way I can filter out losers on there. Although I spend about 5 or more hours day filtering out losers and meeting up takes time too but it is all worth it in the end. I don’t have time to work out and It is boring to me just to working out. I like running and doing cardio exercises but lifting is not for me. If they don’t like who I am then I move on. I get plenty of dates on Match.com and I love it. Also, I am not a loser and I am a Nurse.

      • Chris Todd December 27, 2012 at 7:47 pm Permalink

        Hi Melissa,

        Nothing wrong with online dating. Match.com is great although I wouldn’t pay for that membership. My friend was on match.com and she decided to give it up. Here are the reasons:
        1. Filtering/emailing takes a lot of work. You even said it yourself, 5 hours or more a day on emailing and filtering. Also meet up takes time too if your date setup is far away.
        2. Unless you want fun after few dates, dating becomes awkward if looking for long term relationship. She often used the group dating in the beginning but eventually you have to get used to each other. Trust isn’t there after few dates in comedy clubs to museums, etc.
        3. She also informed me that if a guy realizes he isn’t getting some action after few dates, he goes missing or goes after another girl on match.com that would. After all, match.com is a shopping center for men and women so multiple product selection is a must.

        She decided to go normal route which is to workout (joined the gym), works on her issues and be comfortable alone. She is only 25. She attends Church every Sunday now and joined a club such as Improv. She already met several actors from Improv and in Church as well. She has told me there would be some potential and she is able to trust them more because she sees them often without that dating expectation you get from dates using match.com
        I hope this makes some sense to you and if you felt I was demeaning to online dating people, It wasn’t meant to disrespect.

  2. Lorie September 27, 2013 at 11:13 pm Permalink

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