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Before I give you any examples of effective dressing, I want to inform you the in’s and outs of basic dress sense.  It amazes me how bad most guys dress. Most are dressed horrendous and I sincerely feel bad for them since they lack knowledge of basic dress sense.

Why Not dress to the best of your ability and drastically improve your first impressions on people. The way we dress remarkably affects the people we meet and it greatly affects how they treat us. Fashion is another form of communication, non-verbal.

People that don’t know how to dress properly are totally unaware of how bad they look in the eyes of people who can dress. People who dress bad simply come across like they have no social intelligence which in affect is a sign of lower value to the people who do know how to dress.  If you are totally new to fashion, I would suggest you stick to wearing around three different colors of clothing at one time.

Once you get the hang of basic dress sense, you will understand why wearing loads of different colors when you don’t know what you are doing with them can be a disaster. When you get to the stage where you have mastered the art of clothes/fashion, then you can start breaking rules in such a way that communicates you know what the rules of fashion are.

Well fitted Suit

Here are some YES and NO:

1. Always go out wearing clean socks & pants.
2. Make sure all your clothes are ironed or pressed.
3. Match your shoe color with your belt color. Click here for options.
4. Buy clothes that actually fit you best.
5. Keep your shoes pristine clean, many people look at you certain way based on your shoes.
6. Take a fashionable female friend shopping with you.
7. Step out of your comfort zones, try on clothes that you wouldn’t generally try on.
8. Buy clothes that you know will work with other clothes in your wardrobe.

Brown Belt
Brown Belt, Brown Shoes

1. Don’t wear jeans/trousers that are too short or tight. Remember they must fall gently over your shoes.
2. Don’t wear your jeans/trousers half way up your chest. Wear them around your hips.
3. Don’t wear sneakers with anything formal like suits/shirts/trousers Etc.
4. Don’t have holes in your socks. Period.
5. Don’t ignore any stains on your clothes that you feel wont be noticed, someone will.
6. Don’t wear too many different colors at once. These are basic steps remember.
7. Don’t wear tight jeans if you have big/fat hips/thighs. Wear a looser type of jeans.
8. Don’t shop when you are angry, this could make you buy clothes just to get it done with.
9. Don’t get fashion advice off someone who doesn’t dress very well.

In general, always stay ahead of the fashion trend. Try really hard to enjoy fashion so it becomes a hobby, that’s  when you will start excelling in this area. Keep your self updated on fashion by reading books/magazine like ‘GQ’ & ‘Men’s Health’, most guys magazines have a fashion section in them these days. Clothing is very expensive in fashion magazines but here’s the trick, when you spot a item you like, whether it be because of the style, fit, color, brand Etc, notice exactly what you like about the product but search elsewhere for a cheaper alternative.

Tie Length
Tie Length – Just over Belt

If you have limited budget on fashion, why not try second hand store and find the gem? The trick is to buy from second hand stores, then take it to alteration shop and get fitted to your body nicely. You will spend so little but you will look like a fashion model. By scanning through fashion magazines you will also get an idea of what trend will be in style before it actually reaches your high street shops. Stay three steps ahead of the timid masses.

Why dress for success? First impression will help you land your dream job and at the same time, looking good for the ladies. -SjC

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  1. Nathan Clough May 16, 2013 at 11:09 am Permalink

    I’ve have found in the past that is also good to take an artist color wheel to mix and match colors when looking to buy clothes that you want to have “pop” when you wear the. Also remember vertical stripes are thinning on a larger frame that horizontal stripes.

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