Day in Day out – This is Water

May is our typical graduation month for college seniors.  When you ask our college students what Day in Day out means, they have no clue, yet. Our Earth will be here and there and keeps on rotating 365 days a year. 7 billion population on earth and every year we have our graduates.

The rat race of white/blue collar job daily routine, rush hour traffic jam, jammed check out line, other people in my way, and repulsive idiots are ruining my life each day because I am the center of my world.  Our default behavior.

Day in Day out

Typical Day in Day out

We get up in the morning with a sound of an alarm.  Some get up in the afternoon since they work the night shift.  However, the alarm clock routine applies to all people since it is what we are conditioned to use to get up each and every day.  You buy that favorite coffee from your Starbucks to Dunkin Donuts while driving to work and you hit a pot hole spilling that coffee on your lap screaming your lungs out.  Some are putting on a makeup while stuck in rush hour traffic.  Others just think about something or listening to that top 40 music looping over and over dazed.  This is the typical Day in Day out of our American life style.  This default behavior, this default drone mentality sometimes ruins us from thinking freely.  This great country is found on Freedom, but we act like we are the prisoner of our own default behavior.

Check out at this 9 minute video below and reflect.

We have to CHOOSE to live our own life.  Get rid of your default settings. – SjC

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  1. Nathan Clough May 21, 2013 at 12:42 pm Permalink

    I like this, because for a long while when I was working FT, plus going to school at the same time I started to become aware of how you could walk through life as a zombie or take a step back and observe the world. Realize that people are troubled everyday and that the person in front of me or in back of me may be having the worst day of their life and are just trying to plod through it and move on… I think that is why I have learned to be passive and observe people, but at the same time if I pick up someone is feeling bad I’m more than willing to talk to them, cheer them up, or just let them vent. That’s just my view though.

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