Dating – Strategies for Men

find-love-online-dating-sitesFinding love, the one who would fulfill the other part of you?  You finally land a date via either online or a blind date, or you met the person in the grocery store.  Now what?

For socially inept Men of Millennial, the eleven commandments to live by when meeting a woman:

  1. Thou shalt not start out hard – take it easy dude, take your time
  2. Thou shalt not look at her breasts or ass – she is not an object
  3. Thou shalt not mention the ex or children – obvious
  4. Thou shalt not look at other females – especially starting out
  5. Thou shalt not talk over or down to her – you are not her retarded parents
  6. Thou shalt not be slick or smooth – you are not a con man
  7. Thou shalt not be negative or cynical – you want to have a good time during your dating
  8. Thou shalt not mention sex – she is not your girl-friend yet
  9. Thou shalt not ask about boyfriends – you are not a detective
  10. Thou shalt not touch, except to shake hands or high fives, etc… – you are not a creep
  11. Thou shalt not reveal a standing interest in her – you just met her, crying out loud!

Millennial_GenerationIf you are born between late 70s to early 2000s, you are Generation Y, also known as the Millennial Generation.

The Millennial generation is often called, “Generation me” where increased Narcissism is evident in teens and early years of their adult life.  Often these generations of people are coddled to the point where no one is a loser, they are all winners.  The world is literally evolving around these people every single day along with multi-tasking technologies such as MACs, IPHONES, and FACEBOOK daily routines.  Males would often play many hours of PC Game, XBOX360, and Internet games until exhaustion.  Females would go on to Social Media websites such as Facebook to online dating sites such as to find their ideal mate.  Often many are disappointed since most men lack social skills or they find few socially skilled men dating all the women.

So what is going on?  Men of Millennial are screwed?

Here are the questions you must answer when you first meet a woman, who will give you this one minute test:

  1. Are you safe to be with?
  2. Are you trustworthy?
  3. Are you the type that is presentable?  The ambitious type? (The kind of guy she can picture introducing to her friends or parents?)
  4. Do you live interesting, exciting life? (One that she can imagine herself becoming a part of?)
  5. Do you listen more than talking?
  6. Do you have a strong eye contact?
  7. Do you believe wherever you’re at is the place to be?
  8. Are you decisive?
  9. Are you passionate?
  10. Finally, do you have an opinion?

If you can honestly say, “YES” to all of the above questions, then you will have no problems finding a date and maintaining a healthy relationship.  You will be very successful.  However, most men will say, “NO” to the few of the questions above.  If so, make the habit of changing that now.  The reason is many will say, “NO” to living interesting, exciting life.  This is where you must find your passion and go after it.  This will create the experience of FLOW I talked about it here.  The motto is you got to find the way to live the life that YOU WANT, not mandated by other people.

Mantra to live by:

“The world is mine, wherever I’m at is the place to be, I am half man, half amazing, and I can do this.”

Get a note-card to write 10 questions from above and live it.  You will be a Genuine Man.  – SjC

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    Definitely some interesting tips there. Going to jot down some notes right now.

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