Maintaining Love

Maintaining Love -The solution

How to maintain love? Here are some recommendations based on psychological research findings, which may be helpful in promoting happiness and longevity in your relationships: Pay Attention To Your Relationship Quality and Satisfaction In Its Early Stages. Researchers suggest that primary satisfaction with a relationship usually remains quite stable across time (Huston, 2001).  The types […]

Maintaining Love

Maintaining Love Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, and half shut afterwards – Benjamin Franklin Love is a tender look that becomes a habit – Peter Ustinov Love must be fostered with kind words – Ovid A good argument settles an issue without unsettling a relationship. A bad argument rarely settles any issue – […]

5 Simple Tips For Relationship Bliss

Fairy-tale love is hard to find—here are some tips for keeping your relationship healthy and happy. One of the most common questions we hear is, “How do we make our relationship work?” The answers are complicated, varied, and, after a while, can start to sound like muddled platitudes. But these commonplace sayings get repeated because […]