Ideal Mate

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Ideal Mate – Woman

When I saw this story on Men’s health magazine, I was somewhat surprise to see what us men look for in a woman. However, I disagree on few things. I like blonde hair woman over brunette. Something about the blondes drives me crazy. Bigger breasts, younger age, or making same or more money doesn’t do it for […]

Ideal Mate – Transformation

Year 2012 has been one whacked out year.  Right now I am thinking back what had happened; I still cannot explain what went down.  I was in some zombie state living versus living the life what I want to be living.  I picked up an old book I read few years ago while drinking Starbuck’s […]

Ideal Mate

Ideal Mate What are some criteria in finding the ideal mate? Everyone has many different view points about traits that are attractive to men and women.  Here are some of the list of traits that are most commonly mentioned by so called experts and scientists. 1. She must possess intelligence of sort – It could […]