Joy of humor

If you read any dating profile on online dating site, you will see many women prefer humor as a main attribute in a mate. If you ask any woman in grocery store or anywhere, many will respond by saying humor is their top 5 choice. Why? Robert Provine played baritone sax with the Delbert McClinton band.  He’s also a neuroscientist […]

Dating – Strategies for Men

Finding love, the one who would fulfill the other part of you?  You finally land a date via either online or a blind date, or you met the person in the grocery store.  Now what? For socially inept Men of Millennial, the eleven commandments to live by when meeting a woman: Thou shalt not start […]

Best Time to use Online Dating

Russ, Online Dating Coach  The dating season starts right after Christmas. This isn’t just conjecture, it’s backed up with data, and it’s happening already, the day after Christmas. You can see it at work with Google’s search data. Just look at the incredible activity on this graph, which shows how sharply searches for the most […]