Supplements by Tara Jean D’Antonio

Hi Everyone, this week, I am sharing my supplement intake secrets.  In case, you haven’t read my story, check out my journey from deep abyss to confident super fit new Tara here. This article, I have included several products I have been using and it has been very effective in keeping my body in top […]

Weight Loss ‘Secrets’ Revealed

The BBC ONE documentary called ’10 Things You Need To Know about losing weight’, presented by science journalist (and qualified medical doctor) Michael Mosley. Here are the ten things that Michael Mosley thinks you should know about losing weight: 1. Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast, as it makes you crave higher calorie food. 2. Use […]

7 Day flat belly diet plan

  Celebrity trainer James Duigan’s Clean & Lean diet plan can help you lose all the unwanted flab. The diet involves cutting out ‘toxic’ foods that encourage the body to store fat – including alcohol, sugar and processed foods. Meals on James’s diet plan are full of fish, lean meat – including turkey and chicken – and […]

20 Savory Snacks Under 200 Calories

These easy recipes and simple food pairings, all under 200 calories, are great for an afternoon snack, appetizer platter, or satisfying side dish. The orange glow of sweet potatoes gives away their beta-carotene content. By serving this dip with whole-wheat pita and raw vegetables such as red peppers and broccoli, you also get selenium, vitamin […]