Catching up with Radio Personality – Cody Briana

“Know thyself. A maxim as pernicious as it is ugly. Whoever studies himself arrest his own development. A caterpillar who seeks to know himself would never become a butterfly.”

Andre Gide

My power thought, “I am special, wonderful, free, and happy to be myself

Cody Briana

My greatest challenge is…resisting the temptation to “fit in

I am Cody Briana, a luck-maker who celebrates uniqueness of each individual.  Lucky people understand that self-belief is the root of all happiness and good fortune because of the like-attracts-like principle.

However hard I try to fit in or lose myself in the crowd, I tend to always attract attention. My appeal is powerful and bright that it refuses to blend in or conform as some say about me. The way forward is to celebrate the fact that my inspired originality, however much I try to hide it, is destined to attract attention. I also tend to stand out but not because others reject or ridicule me. I stand out because there is something incredibly likable and appealing about me; I may be beautiful to look at, I may have a seductive voice or I may be extremely athletic or intelligent. Whatever the secret of my appeal I don’t even understand, the curious thing about me is that a part of me longs to withdraw and not attract attention. I often resent feeling like a square peg in a round hole, but as long as I am unable to accept or embrace my uniqueness I will find that my opportunities for success and fulfillment are limited. However, once I understand enough to celebrate who I am, I can put my natural appeal to work so that the attention I gather can be redirected as I wish.


Perhaps this was the reason I went through a pretty difficult time in high school. I was harassed (I will NOT use the word bully because I think it’s corny) for about a year and a half by a group of girls because I stole someone’s boyfriend, even though he wasn’t actually her boyfriend. I began believing the nasty things they were saying and hating things about myself. I started losing friends and even sat at a lunch table by myself for about a month. If you don’t understand being harassed, go see, “Mean Girls” movie with Lindsay Lohan and you may get some ideas. Good news is I was a good person throughout the whole ordeal. And people tend to want to fight with the good guys rather than the bad. I can honestly say I wouldn’t take any of it back. Instead of letting it get to me, I ultimately became a stronger person.

Because of my ordeal, above all, I am extraordinarily imaginative, and because I am also blessed with resourcefulness and formidable practical skills to develop my visions, I have trailblazing potential. The only roadblock for me is my tendency to repress my deep creativity and originality, but when I realize that far more satisfaction can be gained from expression and involvement than from detachment and distance, and that people will love me for being fresh and original, I will have a world of opportunities for success and happiness at my feet once I fully embrace this.

I’m a Leo. I technically play guitar & piano, but it’s been years since I’ve taken lessons & I rarely practice. I drink both beer & liquor! I always tell people I love beer because I’m both German & Irish, so it’s in my genes. But I enjoy spiced rum & flavored vodka plus the ultimate drink fireball. Lastly, I say I’m moderate. It depends on the topic. I like to be as open minded as possible to all political standpoints. But if I absolutely had to choose, I am a democrat. At my best, I am very Interesting, appealing, and purposeful, but if I am not careful, on my dark side, I can be withdrawn, confused, and elusive.



Now 100.5SacramentoMiddaysSept. 2013 to Present
Wired 96.5PhiladelphiaWeekend/SwingFeb. 2012 to Sept. 2013
AccuweatherRadio BroadcasterState CollegeOct. 2011 to Feb. 2012
B94.5/Eagle 98.7/Wowy 97.1State CollegeSept. 2010 to Feb. 2012

What was your first job in radio? Early influences and Why Radio?

Cody  I interned for B94.5’s “Morning Zoo” fall semester when I was a senior at Penn State. I was turned down for an internship at Wired 96.5 that summer because I had a full-time nanny gig to help pay for school. They said my schedule wouldn’t work with theirs. I was really disappointed, so I made sure to make a good impression at B94.5. It paid off. They actually asked me to come back as an intern spring semester, but this time as an on-air jock for the Oldies station, Wowy 97.1. I didn’t care what station it was! All I heard was “experience” and “your own show.” About a month after I graduated, after already moving back home, I got a call from the Program Director asking me to come back as a paid employee.  I nearly cried because I sent my demo out to stations in Philly and got no response. Little did I know then I didn’t have what it took to be a major market jock. And that would be experience, among other things. The State College gig wasn’t for much, but they were giving me the opportunity to be on 2 stations, both the Pop and Oldies. I moved back within a week and picked up another job working at a baseball stadium (best summer of my life). And the rest is history!

What led you to a career in radio? Was there a defining moment that made you realize “this is it”?

Cody  When I was at Penn State Berks my 1st 2 years of college, I got involved in the theater. I had been doing theater acting since the age 8, so I figured taking a few classes in that department would be easy A’s. But, to this day, the hardest thing I’ve ever done was a 3-person full-length play my sophomore year. The director brought out the American College Theater Festival to critique the show, and they loved it. One of the critics asked what I was majoring in. I told her broadcast journalism and she responded, “You’re making the best decision of your life.” She went on and on about how much she loved my voice. Not going to lie, I heard that from people before. I actually knew since high school I wanted to study broadcasting. Funny thing is I always said broadcasting because I didn’t want to be a starving actor. But now I’m a starving radio jock! In all seriousness, when the critic said that, I knew “this is it.”

Your current radio station, describe to readers what you do each day so that they understand what goes on behind the scenes.

Cody  A decent amount of prep goes into what I do. I’ve got to constantly be in the know of what’s going on in my community and pop culture. I get to the office around 9, write up a blog or 2, and then head to the studio before 10. The music is already logged, so I hate to break it to people, but I don’t pick the music as I go. That’s actually someone’s job. I too wish I had more control! Then I start running the board, taking calls, and talking! As much as I don’t want my boss to know this, my job is easy and very enjoyable. I’m very lucky.

What’s your take on current Rock music? Is it as good as last year to 5 years ago, better, or about the same?

Cody  Rock will never be as great as the 60’s and 70’s, but it’s making a comeback! Alternative Rock, that is. I’ll admit I’m a bit of a hipster. I love how creative the format has become. I swear, more sub-genres exist under Rock than any other format. And there’s nothing wrong with that! There seems to be something for everyone nowadays.

How much does NOW-100.5 use social media like Facebook and Twitter to interact with its listeners? Are there any recent promotions where the station utilized this media to connect with your audience?

Cody  A lot. Social media has changed the game. In a good way, if you ask me. You can be in people’s faces now. Or timeline, I should say. Where their faces are focused. So same difference! We like to tell them what we’re playing, going to be talking about, and giving away. We link the online streamer to the status or Tweet to get them to listen. Also, we remind them of upcoming events and respond to them too! I want them to know I’m not a robot but a real person who cares that they have a question, comment, concern or best, compliment!

What is your on-air persona versus real life Cody? Is it the same or you try to separate your on-air personality to your personal life?

Cody   I think the best jocks are the realist jocks. Tell stories, give opinions, and put personality on every break, if you can. Sometimes it’s hard when you only have a 5 second intro to talk on top of! But I try not to separate the 2. However, when I was in Philly, it was easier to get away with the realer me. I’m on what’s called a “Hot AC” station now. We appeal to an older audience than the station in Philly. But that doesn’t mean I have to be a different person. I just can’t talk about all the shots I took Saturday night and how I got on stage and twerked in a skirt. Pretty sure moms aren’t trying to hear about that on their way to the grocery store.

On-Air Personality @ (Now 100.5 fm) Cody’s BIO

Real Name: Cody Briana Robinson
Birthday: August 21st, 1989
Hometown: Birdsboro, PA
Current occupation: On-Air Personality
School Attended: Penn State
Nationality: German/English/Irish


Fun Facts about Cody Briana:

Skills… I can kick your ass at Beetle Adventure Racing on N64! Don’t know what it is? Google it and meet me at my place. Also, talking and laughing obnoxiously loud.

When I binge, I… usually don’t remember it the next day. I like to drink on weekends and holidays, a lot.

I make a killer… frozen pizza? I’m a terrible cook and baker! I apologize to any man in advance that even thinks about marrying me!

The movie I should be embarrassed to tell my friends I love, but am not is… 2 Days in Paris. It’s partially in French and corny as hell.

The first concert I went to was… some Christian concert with my church when I was about 11.

One album that I never get tired of listing to is… Radiohead In Rainbows. I’m depressing. Also, Tom Petty’s Greatest Hits, but I don’t know if you consider that an album.
My favorite TV show of all-time is-guilty pleasure is… American Horror Story.

My biggest vice is… anxiety. I get weird when I’m nervous, and it’s the not the person I feel I actually am.

My favorite day of the week is… Sunday.

Last traffic ticket I got was… 6 months ago! Opps!

My favorite animal is… Dogs.

If I were any animated Disney character I would be… Cinderella? She’s the 1st blonde I could think of.
I never feel more alive than when I am… Hiking

If you had the super power of being invisible, or flying, which power would you choose and why? Flying. Sometimes I just want to get out and go, and I think it’d be beautiful.

If the Hollywood is making a movie about your life, which actress would you want to play you in a movie and why? Scarlett Johansson. I think highly of myself, apparently.

Most proud moment in your life? Landing my 1st full-time gig in radio!

List your favorite friends and what strength do you admire about them? So hard! So many favorites! But I’ll go with Dj Bonics, Wiz Khalifa’s official Dj and night host on Wired. He’s incredibly humble, generous, talented, and smart. Can’t forget hard-working! I’ll even go as far as saying he works TOO hard. But it all pays off, and I admire him for it. He makes me a better person simply by surrounding myself with him. Whether he knows it or not, I’m constantly taking mental notes.

Keeping it real with Cody

SjCWhat is your goal in life?

radio_mike-1ON-AIR PERSONALITY CODY BRIANA – To become a major market Program Director.

SjCWhat is your philosophy in life?
radio_mike-1ON-AIR PERSONALITY CODY BRIANA – Laugh as much as possible. Don’t take life too seriously because life never took you too seriously to begin with.

SjCWhat makes you happy?
radio_mike-1ON-AIR PERSONALITY CODY BRIANA – My puppy, throw pillows, laughing, ice cream. The list is endless. But mostly anything or anyone that makes me laugh.

SjCWho are your closest friends (guys and gals) and why they are so important in your life?
radio_mike-1ON-AIR PERSONALITY CODY BRIANA – I feel weird saying this, but I have A LOT of friends. The more the merrier in my world. They’re all important to me for different reasons, but they all have a common denominator: they’re good to me.

SjCWhat was most difficult times you went through and how did you overcame them?
radio_mike-1ON-AIR PERSONALITY CODY BRIANA – I went through a pretty difficult time in high school as I told you earlier. I was harassed for about a year and a half by a group of girls because I stole someone’s boyfriend, even though he wasn’t actually her boyfriend. I began believing the nasty things they were saying and hating things about myself. I started losing friends and even sat at a lunch table by myself for about a month. This would be tough on anyone, especially in High School.  Good news is I was a good person throughout the whole ordeal. And people tend to want to fight with the good guys rather than the bad. I can honestly say I wouldn’t take any of it back. Instead of letting it get to me, I ultimately became a stronger person and more confident.

SjCDuring your difficult times, who was there for you and how they help you overcoming them?
radio_mike-1ON-AIR PERSONALITY CODY BRIANA – My Mother. I didn’t know who else to turn to because they started manipulating some of my closest friends. She basically gave me an outlet to vent and forced me to “man up.” At that time, schools didn’t have anti-bully rallies. I felt stupid even thinking of telling on them or taking legal action. I built up tolerance, walls, and tough skin. I’ll be damned if I let anyone treat me like that again.

SjCWhere do you see yourself/your work in next 5 years from now?
radio_mike-1ON-AIR PERSONALITY CODY BRIANA – Though I think of the big picture, I try not to set too many future goals. I tend to take one day at a time. If I’m here in Sacramento, hopefully I’ve gained some stripes. And if I’m in another market, hopefully it’s a bigger one. Moving up the ladder is important to me.

SjCList the names of people you would like to thank and how you appreciate them so that the readers know how they are important to you to you socially, spiritually and mentally?
radio_mike-1ON-AIR PERSONALITY CODY BRIANA – Oh man. I have too many to list! I would like to thank my entire family for 1. My immediately family especially. My girls growing up with. My roommates in college. My professors. My mentors. My coworkers. So many amazing people have influenced and molded me. And it’s crazy to think I’ll meet even more.

SjCWhat are some of the qualities you look for in a man?
radio_mike-1ON-AIR PERSONALITY CODY BRIANA – I want a good man who’s bad in all the right ways. I’m not perfect. Nor do I expect him to be. Basically, I need someone who can handle me, and they’ve got to be quite the someone to do that. My perfect relationship scenario would be one that gives me space to be passionate, creative and rewarding. It is a give and take thing. A real man, to me, knows what he wants in life and has the ability and drive to actually achieve it. I don’t want to be center of his universe. I don’t want him solely focused on me. I just want to be part of his already amazing world and somehow make it better.

SjCFinally, what one thing you would say to the readers out there where they can learn one thing from Cody Briana in achieving their goal in life, what would that be?

radio_mike-1ON-AIR PERSONALITY CODY BRIANA – Stick to your guns! You will fail. You will feel unwanted and misplaced at times. Everyone who ever went for a dream experienced set-backs of some sort. Those who believe in their self and stuck to THEIR plan achieve their goal. I truly believe that.

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Cody Briana Robinson is the real deal. She is a confident, ambitious, generous, loyal, encouraging, talented, creative and beautiful woman. Visit and check it out for yourself. -SjC

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