Body Language – Part II

Body Language vs. Words
Body Language Is the Most Important Aspect of Communication. According to Albert Mehrabian, in his Psychology Today article research:

− 55% by facial and body expression

− 38% by the voice tones

− 7% is conveyed by the words

James Dean Legs up

Power Pose by Late James Dean

I have seen many men and women develop very poor body gesture and languages.  You often wonder, “Why are they closed off?” In business world, body language covey’s very powerful message.  If you are wondering why some super sales man is making all the money and others don’t?  It is because by facial and body expression they express to their customers.  Below check out some of the body language secrets you should practice each and every day.
Legs wide

Legs slightly apart














Good Habits to develop immediately:

  1. Head up never looking down at the floor
  2. Facial expressions that expresses emotions
  3. Lift the chest instead of an hump back of Notre Dame
  4. Legs slightly more than shoulder-width apart when standing
  5. Take up space but careful not to be an ass by crowding other people’s space
  6. Be careful putting Hands in front or back pockets, at sides or arms crossed
  7. Walk with a purpose wherever you go
  8. Laughing and having a great time no matter who you’re with anywhere.  Living the life everywhere not some angry, pissed off, miserable Debbie downer.
Take space

Take up space



Drop Bad Habits now:

  1. Stumbling over words, use tonality or body language to convey message
  2. Talking too fast nervously
  3. Stop Tentative gestures
  4. Nervous habits, itching, caressing arms, etc. Must be dropped or eliminated now
  5. Never Staring at the floor unless you stepped on some dog shi* or something
  6. Darting eyes are signs or insecurity.  NEVER dart eyes, instead look at something and stay there
  7. Fidgeting means you are uncomfortable.  Stop it!
Poor Body Language

Closed negative body language/gesture


Arms Crossed, closed position body language/gesture












Some other bad habits:The Beer Shield is a college-born social tactic that young men pick up in dive bars and house parties. Keeping a beer close to your chest is a sign of insecurity. It’s no different from playing with your phone in a bar. It tells the other people around you, “Hey everyone! I’m awkward and have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing with myself right now!”

Poor B Language

Notice everyone is protecting themselves with that beer mug


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Avoid pitfalls of negative body-language/gesture and practice positive body-language, you will see immediate results. – SjC

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  1. Nathan June 6, 2013 at 4:10 pm Permalink

    Changing body language is not an easy thing to do, it takes a lot of work and conscious effort. I know when I had worked to change my body language that I would have to stop and think am I doing this instead of that. It took me a good 3 months to completely change my body language.

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