How to Identify True Confident Man – Part 1

The book, “What every BODY is saying” by ex FBI agent Joe Navarro is a fascinating read for professionals who are always dealing with people.

Here are step-by-step on Reading Human Body Language.

Commandment 1: Be a competent observer of your environment.

Commandment 2: Observing in context is the key to understanding nonverbal behavior.

Commandment 3: Learn to recognize and decode nonverbal behaviors that are universal.

Commandment 4: Learn to recognize and decode idiosyncratic nonverbal behaviors.

Commandment 5: When you interact with others, try to establish their baseline behaviors.

There are up to 10 commandments in the book, I am sharing few tricks with the ladies in identifying truly a confident man.



Above: Often seen with high-status individuals, the thumb sticking out of the pocket is a high-confidence display. Thumbs in the pocket indicate low status and confidence. Just observe thumbs in the pockets and you will know who is truly confident.


Above: Often used as a sign of insecurity or social discomfort, thumbs in the pocket transmit this message readily. Low confidence males often display this classic nervous posture. This male is truly not self-confident with this pose.
So ladies, if you are out on a date and you see your date posing certain way, keep some mental note.

Above: Exception to the rule on thumb hiding. Genital framing is a powerful dominance display. In essence, it is saying, “Check me out, I am a virile male.” Using the hands to frame the genitals is often seen with young males and females during the courtship years. It is simple way to show confidence if the males are secure with themselves with a girl.

Thumbs are the key.  These are subtle gestures in identifying confidence.  More to come – SjC

4 Responses to “How to Identify True Confident Man – Part 1”

  1. Kim February 12, 2013 at 4:35 pm Permalink

    Fantastic post. I had no idea

  2. Katie February 17, 2013 at 7:14 pm Permalink

    Awesome post. Learned something new

  3. mforte23 February 20, 2013 at 5:04 pm Permalink

    For me, in these examples (which are a bit misleading in a sales pitch kinda way) the body language lies more in the upper body than the lower. Here’s what I mean:

    1 – The guy on top with the hand extended has his posture upright and is smiling. He has a more positive energy.
    2 – The “insecurity” model is slouched and frowning. His shoulders give away his insecurity.
    3 – I think the genital framing guy just reminds me of the Fonz.

    All that being said, body language is a great topic. Some other “tells” that people have:

    Folding arms – folding your arms creates a barrier between you and the other person. This is typically a sign you are trying to “hide” from the confrontation. men are particularly guilty of this as we hate confrontation.
    Knee shaking, finger tapping, etc – other nervous indicators that one is not particularly fond a situation.

    Great example of confidence: Steve Jobs is one of the great public speakers of our time. You’d never see him standing behind a podium, tapping his fingers, hands in pockets -unless he’s genital framing 🙂 -, or arms folded. He’s always upright, always smiling, and always animated even when he’s not smiling. He brought his mojo everywhere he went, and people responded in kind. If we could bottle that charisma, we could make a fortune.

  4. Nathan Clough May 17, 2013 at 10:30 am Permalink

    Having read and enjoyed this book, I highly recommend it. Knowing how to read a persons body language and know how to adjust and change your body language can make a lot of difference in a job interview or salary negotiations. One thing I did after reading this book was people watch at malls, stores, anywhere I could put this information into practice and for a while I was actually semi-effective in reading people. I actually need to pull this book out again, give it a read, and put it all back into practice again.

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