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Russ, Online Dating Coach 

The dating season starts right after Christmas. This isn’t just conjecture, it’s backed up with data, and it’s happening already, the day after Christmas. You can see it at work with Google’s search data. Just look at the incredible activity on this graph, which shows how sharply searches for the most popular online dating sites have risen today:

This isn’t only true for Christmas-celebrators, either. Even JDate – the popular Jewish dating site – experiences a sharp increase the day after Christmas:

Step-by-Step tips
To take full advantage of the huge influx of online daters, and find your best match, here’s a few tips:

  • Sort by “Newest First” has this feature, so you can get take a look at the members that just joined. This is a great way to meet those high-quality matches that will disappear since they will meet someone right away.
  • Do the “Who’s Viewed Me Shuffle” Go around viewing profiles, and you’ll show up in the “Who’s Viewed Me” of a bunch of great matches. This is a good way to get them to wink or message you, without spending hours crafting messages
  • Send some “One-Line Hooks” When you do find a match that strikes your fancy, don’t tell them your life story. Send a short message about something in their profile, ending with a question. It’s all about getting a conversation started.

Many lonely singles start online dating profile usually around October so that they have someone lined up by Holiday season.  Some start after Christmas holiday hoping to meet special someone.

If you want successful/maximum results, I will show you how to write that perfect profiles on to get noticed.  I have seen some very clever essay on profile and it lead to many responses and reply emails.  If you are tall, 6ft 2 inches and above, you will get more responses from the ladies using online dating sites.  Even if this guy is not handsome, insignificant occupation, ladies love tall guys and scientifically proven that taller guys get the girls. All taller guys have to do is make ladies laugh and convey confidence, even if the guy is bald and ugly, he becomes sexy as ladies are having a good time laughing. Shorter guys, don’t despair, I will show you how to maximize your humor and confidence so that you are also successful. If you have some humor, great start, but even if you don’t, take your date to these best date locations to maximize your successes:

1. Comedy Clubs – The best place to get comfortable since both of you are laughing

2. Find somewhere romantic – Walking around with holding hands, the best way to connect with your date

3. Find place that serves alcohol – Once magic drink is flowing, both of you will be more relaxed, go for the kiss guys

4. Do all of these in one date –  This will allow your date to feel like they have known you for a long time. If you can find secluded places and start kissing, next few dates, more intimacy will be involved

If everything is done right including perfect essay on your profile, you should able to land multiple dates.  If you are working on multiple dates, setup few dates and see if you are compatible with them all.  Pick top three and then go on few dates and do venues listed above.  Then, quickly hide your profile or deactivate it if you want to after you have secured third dates with your prospects.  It is best to get your name off since when you come back online later again, you will be considered new and you will have more action.  Plus, it will let your dates know that you are no longer shopping and will gain trust while they have their profile still up.  Also, by leaving your profile on there too long with your profile visible for all to see, you are considered a loser unable to land a dates or labeled serial dater to a desperate person.  If done right, it should take you about 3 to 4 weeks to get some quality prospects for you to pick from or date them all if you can afford the costs of dating.  The beauty of online dating is that everyone want someone and explicitly states that they want somebody. I have seen people setting up multiple dates in one day!  A profile highlighted in green  is someone who has signed up for the platinum package. Anyone who is attempting to qualify for the 6-month guarantee has to sign up for this plan. This ( package also allows the member to see when people open emails that they send and their profiles are shown to new members first. Obviously it’s also highlighted in green.  If you see this member, jump on it asap since they are more willing to meet someone since they have to do what has members to follow to qualify for 6 month guarantee program.

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