Be the man you want to be – Arnold

Arnold Schwarzenegger has always fascinated me, first as a movie star, then as a fitness role model, then finally as a politician and businessman. I didn’t know the first thing about Arnold. I was an Arnold fan but never had a clue who he really was. No one really did, until Wendy Leigh wrote a book called, “Arnold: an unauthorized biography” which details Arnold’s life from birth through the present.


Unauthorized Biography by Wendy Leigh

What impressed me most about Arnold’s background is that he is relentless.  He came to America with his Gym bag and made an immediate impact on this country.  I was particularly affected when I read the excerpts from this book about Arnold’s coming to America and losing to Frank Zane in his first body building competition. Arnold cried himself to sleep, feeling quite alone not knowing anyone in the country.  Then, he vowed himself to redefine himself to not let this happen again and refocused his training program to defeat Frank Zane in a later competition.


Young Arnold

Also, English is not Arnold’s first language.  He dedicated himself to become fluent in English, and these efforts helped him to become a major American box office star.  In the beginning, Hollywood directors refused to accept him as an actor because he could not speak the language the right way.  He persevered, never took no for an answer, and went on to star in many action movies and, later, he has become the governor of California.


Arnold posing for Muscle Magazine

Things I learned from this book and from Arnold himself:

  1. Be relentless – Failure is not an option for Arnold
  2. Trusting yourself – Do What makes you happy.  Break the rules, trust yourself, think outside of the box.
  3. Be the man that you want to be – Live in your own realty, not one dictated by others, friends, etc. Don’t be afraid to fail or make mistakes.
  4. Don’t listen to naysayers– Arnold never was intimidated by others. Use the criticism of others as a motivational tool.
  5. Work your ass off – Arnold will not be outworked by anyone.
  6. Live life and don’t forget to enjoy it – Whatever it is, have fun doing it. Also, don’t forget the places that shaped who you are. Give back to your community


What is most impressive about Arnold is that, despite his limitation, despite his shortcomings, this guy never gives up.  He is not bothered by critics or other naysayers who like to bring him down.  He continues to do things that he wants to do.  Arnold is not perfect by far – go ahead and look him up on Google and you will find mention of all sorts of his shortcomings as a man.  But let’s face it – no one is perfect. Life is short. Do the hard work, do the things you want to do, be the man you always want to be and live life according to your game plan.

Check out Arnold’s 6 life rules of success in the video below:

Mental toughness is better than physical toughness. Learn from Arnold’s unstoppable determination. -SjC

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  1. Vega April 24, 2013 at 9:05 pm Permalink

    *Arnold Voice* Get To The Gym! DO IT NOOOW!! (O.O)

  2. Nathan Clough June 4, 2013 at 9:14 am Permalink

    This article really shows how you have no excuse to not succeed in life. Anything and everything you want in life takes work, hard work. You have to be like Arnold and bust your butt to get where you want to be because nobody is just going to hand it to you.

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