6 tips for relationship satisfaction

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Understanding your need to feel satisfied in your relationship and answering to that need will make both of you happier people. If you are not feeling satisfied in your relationship, these 6 tips could help you achieve that very important goal.

1. Recognize each other for your commitment and caring

The number one motivator of people is recognition. Letting someone you love know how they have added to your life is one of the highest compliments they can receive.

2. Share in creating a positive and emotionally comfortable living environment

Love cannot thrive in a negative environment. Keeping it positive helps everyone in the household (even your cat) enjoy their lives more.

3. Make your relationship meaningful

Work together to create something worthwhile. Whether it’s contributing to your community, your faith, or the world, doing it as a couple will add depth and a sense of higher purpose to your relationship.

4. Be responsible for your actions

If you make a mistake, own up to it sooner rather than later and always do it completely. This gets it out of the way and allows easier healing because the problem has had no time to fester and grow.

5. Be accountable for your commitments

When you make a promise, keep it. If you break your word, your partner may have difficulty believing you will be there next time.

6. Balance the work and the rewards

Trade off household duties every now and then. It will help you and your partner feel you are in a balanced relationship. If you are in a partnership where one of you works and the other takes care of the home and children, you need to make sure the stay-at-home partner has equal access to the household income.

Relationship takes work on both sides.  Ride the up times with joy and show respect plus love on down times.  Up and Down happens often – SjC

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