16 Habits – Part II

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  1. Exercise – 2 hours a day, three times a week
  2. Meditation/Prayer/Reflection – 5 to 10 minutes a day
  3. Reading – At least 30 minutes a day
  4. Creative recreation/Music – 30 minutes a day
  5. Nutrition – Hopefully shouldn’t take any extra time, as I am already eating healthy every day.
  6. Reasonable spending – Shouldn’t take extra time
  7. Reading articles / problem solving / Magic- 15 minutes a day
  8. Social – Let’s say no extra time; this should be done every day, every where talking to people, etc …
  9. Personal management – 15 minutes a day
  10. Project/Web – 1 hour a day minimum
  11. Podcast/TED talk – 30 minutes a day
  12. Language – None planned thus far
  13. Planning your next day – 10 minutes a day
  14. Sleep – Let’s assume solid 4 to 8 hours a night
  15. Professional development – 15 minutes
  16. Journal / Research – 15 minutes a day(?)


If I tally up the hours above I come to 5 hours, not including sleep or work. If I include work (let’s assume 8 hours) and sleep (let’s also assume 8 hours of solid sleep), then 16 + 5 hours = 21 hours. This total will give me approximately 3 hours for meal, bathroom breaks, goofing around, etc. If you schedule the above 16 habits daily on a spread sheet and structure it like a robot, however, it can be detriment to naturally forming the habit.

Here are the trick in getting these great habits to stick day-in-dayout.  Above 16 habits, pick an area that is most important to you.  Here are my priorities right now as I write this:

  1. Exercise – I hit the gym no less than 3 times a week at least 2 hours per session (6 hours total)
  2. Reading – This is where I juggle; this activity depends on time and availability – 6 hours a week bare minimum
  3. Project – I am currently working to better this website along with help from Manmohan and Suman Bala to be able to generate hits and revenue
  4. Creative recreation/Music – learning to play piano/guitar 30 minutes minimal daily – 4 hours per week

These four items I try to stick to no matter what happens each week. Other steps, I am flexible such as I can adjust sleep hours according to what has to be done. The key here is, as you develop certain habits locked down; you add other tasks or routines one at a time and make it permanent. Reading is where I lacked in the past and now I am incorporating this as my priority to make sure I am learning something each day. The authors of (name of the book here) spent years of research and development to let readers learn something in a few hours. You can’t beat that. If you pick the right books to read and absorb what they are teaching you, you simply become an expert in the subject matter in a month or two.

Furthermore, by incorporating these wonderful habits in just the past 30 days, I am more or less creating rhythms that are positive.  I am now more focused on my goals and at the same time am flexible in reaching my goals.  Complete freedom!

If you can make these permanent habit part of your own, the tradeoff is you will also gain more confidence just by doing it and sticking with it. – SjC

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  1. Nathan Clough May 26, 2013 at 11:39 am Permalink

    Current Focuses:
    1.Nutrition on a budget. I don’t have much money but that doesn’t mean I can’t eat healthy and clean to lose weight.
    2.Exercise and workout minimum of 3 days a week 1/2 each time. Doing DDPYOGA, Started to rain for a 5K, and just more active.
    3.Develop professional profiles, resume, and connections. Spend 30-60 minutes a day on some activity to improve myself professionally, be it resume, references, Beyond.com, LinkedIn, contacting recruiters, etc…
    4.Musically, I started picking up my bass guitar again and am trying to learn how to play again and become a better bassists to start recording with the guys again.

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